Tuesday, September 20, 2011

10 things tuesday

  1.  training for rock & roll Vegas is going great,
 i'm loving running right now and i think it's because i need it more than ever to keep my sanity!  i thought things would slow down when school started but with the three boys in sports we are always on the go!!
cole the j.v. quarterback
2.  i haven't blogged in over a month and a half.  besides never being home i just didn't think i had anything to blog that anyone would want to read about. this still hasn't changed i just decided to do it anyways:)

3.  my hubby has lost almost 115 lbs and i'm so proud of him!!

and after :)
4.  the marathon coming up has a 4.5 hour time limit....my best marathon time was 5 hours 7 minutes.  i'm not quite sure how it's gonna go down in sin city!! anyone know what they do with you if you haven't finished???

5.  in a couple weeks my sister is running the portland marathon without me.  i'm both happy and sad about this.  i know while i'm watching i will be wishing i was running but vegas just around the corner and i'm sure i'll be eating those words and would give anything to be holding a sign.

6.  did a little halloween decorating while the weather was crappy...now it's been sunny and 70 the last few days and it just doesn't seem quite right.

7.  clay turned seven last week so my sister and i took him to Great Wolf Lodge with carson and chloe.
it's an indoor water park with fun stuff for all ages.  we went to the park two days and stayed one night.   the kids had a blast and chloe talks about it daily.  i don't know about alisha but i was sure wiped when i got home:)

i haven't downloaded pic's from my camera so this is as good as it gets.
8.  jay took me to yogurtland for the first time on my birthday...i think i've been back like four times and my birthday was only a month ago:) did i mention it's 2 hours away, so not fair!
yes, this is mine and im sure i ate it all:)

9.  gonna take the new trailer again in a couple weeks and camp with some friends at Fort Stevens for the Columbia Crossing. 
 hopefully the weather stays decent.  the bridge run is not so fun with rain and wind, kind of feels like needles hitting your face!

10.  now(2 hours later) i remember why i stopped blogging, i am sooo slow at this.


  1. Good job blogging again, I love reading ur post. I'm glover being nervous for Portland and now I'm super excited to run with a pace group for the first time and hopefully dominate and have a new pr:) Vegas on the other hand I'm a little nervous for haha. PS: Even tho I'm gonna miss u running next to me I'm super
    Jazzed to have u there at Portland cheering Me on :)

  2. For Vegas I think they just see if you reach a certain point by a certain time (which would be the average of 4.5 hrs) then if you don't they just pick you up? I could be wrong.

    Congrats to your hubby!