Tuesday, September 27, 2011

stickin' to it

the only way finishing Vegas Rock & Roll will be remotely possible is if i really stick to my training plan and get in ALL my long runs.  this has been my plan twice now and both times i have failed miserably.  one long run of 16 or 18 miles is just not going to cut it for trying to finish with a time limit.
so far so good though.  i ran 13 on sunday and it went great~
mile 1~8:59
mile 2~8:57
mile 3~9:16
mile 4~9:26
mile 5~9:24
mile 6~9:31
mile 7~9:46
mile 8~10:41
mile 9~10:48
mile 10~11:08
mile 11~9:48
mile 12~10:00
mile 13~9:51
average pace was 9:49 which i'm proud of.  
i think i need to learn to slow down in the beginning though.
stacey, chloe and i went for a 3 mile run this morning.  i usually like to run in the evening but it sure feels great to be done for the day, especially with all the other running around that needs to be done:)
i signed up for run with jess virtual run today.  i bought a shirt to help her out with her fundraising too:)

i will definitely make sure i get a bonus entry by sending a picture of a yummy cupcake reward when i'm finished!

alisha and i need some fun vegas outfit ideas, maybe something like this~
or this~

ya right, i need all the help i can get!  there will be zero time for wardrobe malfunctions!!
i better just stick to the basics.
 maybe add a gold sweaty band or something:)


  1. you could get a gold skirt from team sparkle and wear compression shorts underneath

  2. I'm trying to decide what to wear for the Veagas RnR too! Something Vegas-ish or rock n roll ish or maybe christmasy? not sure. lol