Thursday, October 6, 2011

three things thursdsay

1.  camping last weekend was super fun and super busy!!  both boys had football games that were an hour away from our camp site, jay had to leave us to go hunting, and i had to run the
 great columbia crossing 10k.  not to much relaxing but it was still fun:)
 chloe at the lake showin' us her silly face.
carson and alisha after his game.
 brandy and i before the run started.
after we finished, back at camp.
i totally look like i'm dying, but i felt great.  i finished in 55:44 a 8:59 pace.
         i'm to cheap to buy any race pictures, especially god awful ones of me or ones of a bridge that my daughter cries when we have to cross because she's sick of driving to town everyday:(

2.  i went through and organized my running stuff the other day and i realized i have more running clothes than i do regular clothes!! three drawers out of nine are running related.
 one for all my random running crap:
 spi belt ,gu'ssport beansifitness beltbic band, and other goodies. 
 one for shirts like my skinnyrunner shirt, and my 26.2 apparel shirt, along with all my race shirts.
and one for my bottoms, nike tempo shortsrunning skirts, and my fav tights from lululemon.

3.  heading to portland saturday for the portland marathon.

 i'm doing the half:) woo hoo!! good luck to my sister who's running the whole.
 here are some pictures from last year, our first full marathon.

my goal is to finish right around 2:00:)

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  1. How did race go yesterday? MUCH better weather than last year, eh?! Stop by and say hi to Dimity and me, co-authors of Run Like a Mother, at expo in Vegas!