Friday, January 13, 2012

5 things friday

workouts for the week~ 
monday-elliptical 4 miles
tuesday-ran 4 miles 9:31pace
wednesday-ran 2.5 miles 9:05pace
thursday- ran 4.15 miles 9:20pace

1.  as of wednesday i now have my very own personal chauffeur =)
i can't believe he's old enough to drive!!

2.  tomorrow alisha, hannah and i will do the Nike+ WHM.  it's a virtual run that benefits leukemia and lymphoma.
 this is the first half marathon i will be checking off my list for my
 "run 12 half's in 2012".
 the largest team that completes this run gets to bypass the lottery to get into to the 
Nike Women's Marathon 
in San Francisco in october. we are running for team "victorious" and it looks like it the largest team
 so far!!

3.  loving the awesome weather we've been having in the pacific northwest. 
 i'll take clear and cold over wet any day!
 i've been doing all my runs outside and have been getting in some quality park time too :)

4.  my husband and son got an elk today!!
it's not a bull but meat is meat if you ask me:)

5.  girls dinner tonight, half marathon in my own town tomorrow,
 and laser armpit hair removal on monday(hubby's birthday)! 
what an exciting weekend:)
happy friday everyone!

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  1. Hey Shannon,

    Just started reading your blog yesterday and I am loving it! You should continue to write and not worry about the number of readers(now you can add one more to that list :) ). You have such a beautiful family and kudos to you for managing running along with 4 kids so well. Looking forward to reading more of your blog posts!