Tuesday, November 9, 2010

no idea what i'm doing....

so i decide to start a blog, mainly so i could keep track of my training and try to hold myself accountable, i did say TRY!  i am not a writer by any means and i'm sure my almost 14 year old son cole could do a way better job. i really don't plan on many people reading this anyways, except you alisha, you better:)  i started running a few years ago and as much as i hated it i became addicted, addicted to the way i felt when i was done! a handful of 5 and 10k's, a couple of half's and the portland marathon later, i think i can call myself a runner.....a slllooooowwww runner, but a runner none the less.


  1. I remember last year Shannon when you and Alisha did the half marathon and you told me you would NEVER run again!!!! You and Alisha keep me motivated to become a runner just like you guys!!!

  2. ohh, thanks vette!! i remember saying that too, i cried all the way back to the hotel! thats what happens when you don't train:) i am so proud of you for starting to run, keep up the good work!