Monday, November 15, 2010

thanks lish for spending your weekend with us:)

workout monday~ ran 6miles/1hr in warrenton

workout saturday~2.16miles/21:40 @ the track with alisha.

this is how dark the track was when we ran at 8:30pm!
alisha and i went to the track for a little run when she got here saturday night, i was soooooo sore from my attempt at some weight training friday at the school gym, i thought a little jog might loosen my poor muscles didn't really work! three days later my abs still feel like they are bruised. hopefully some day i will heal and be able to try it again.

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  1. well since im the little chicken $H!T of the family i would detect cougars a mile away cus my eyes were wide eyed and staring in the woods at every NOT a fun run for me. I vote you move to the rather watch out for drunk bums than wild beastly animals during runs