Tuesday, February 22, 2011

treadmill has left the building

workout sunday ~ 2 short little miles, just to get out of the house and have 18 and a half minutes to myself:)

my treadmill will be here today they tell me, and at 7:45 (on one of the rare occasions that jay got the kids up and ready for school and let me sleep) they called and said they were having problems with the truck!!
Are you f'ing kidding me!! i have been waiting for this thing for almost two months...wtf! he said he would call back and give me more details but thought it would just be coming later in the day, better be i wanted to tell him. i'm having it shipped to my moms house in oregon so i could save 275.00 in tax. so i have to meet the hubby there to help load it up and bring it home.
i decided this weekend that i really want to do a marathon closer than the Rock \'n\' Roll Las Vegas in dec.
 i just need something to train for and keep me motivated.  so i talked to my sister and convinced her to do theRock \'n\' Roll Seattle in june with me!

we start our 18 week training today and i'm supper excited to be working towards something, my goal for this marathon is finishing in 4:30 or less.
we're also doing the race for the roses half marathon
Race for the Roses
 in april and it falls perfectly in our training schedule.
i'm working on getting my bestie and running partner stacey to get back into the game and sign up with me, the verdict is still out on that though.  i'm not giving up stace!! i need you to run around this town with me and we need cynnie to dust off her pedal bike that she ditched for her motorcycle so she can be our captain and carry our drinks and gu's!

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  1. Seattle should be so much fun. There are a ton of bloggers racing that one, too.

    I ran Vegas last year, and the first half is awesome, because it's up and down the strip. There was a bar handing out beers about 5 miles in. hahahah.