Saturday, February 26, 2011

damn snow days!!

workout ~ 2.5/?  measly miles at the track right as the snow was starting

long time since my last post.....still no treadmill, although they did finally call and tell me they found it 3 days later! Sears did absolutely nothing when i called to complain.  they told me someone would get back to me in 3-5 days! very helpful:) but now they say it will be here tuesday and because of all the confusion they will deliver it to my house instead of my moms no extra charge. damn straight!

the snow started to fall wednesday and has hardly stopped since. there was no school thursday or friday, yeah for 4 day weekends, but boo for kids that think just sledding isn't enough. my son and his friends instead ott snowboards and five foot tables for ramps and this is what we ended up with.....

broken it two spots. he had it set with no iv meds, i had to close my eyes he was in so much pain!!

this is after the shot of dilaudid;) much better now.
we go in on tuesday to see if it gets a cast or needs surgery:(
he was becoming such a good running partner too, makes me sad.

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