Tuesday, February 15, 2011

valentine 8k costume contest winners right here

workout sunday ~ ran valentine 8k/ 45:36 minutes finished 4th in my age :)(left my garmin at home plugged in charging...grrrr)

cole,  alisha, and i getting ready. alisha made us all our shirts and we won the costume contest after the race!!

cole decorated our bibs:) i love my spibelt, it carried chap stick, my ipod, and alisha's blackberry without a prob.

 ummm.....what's up with my knees????? yuck!!

jen and kimmo made it just in time to start.  jen is newly prego and after two miscarriages she isn't allowed to run so they walked the 5k.

it wasn't super nice out but it wasn't raining:) 

we ran back and finished with jen and kimmo:)

showing off our prizes.....starbuck's card(i swiped that right up:)) see's candies and some rock hard cinnamon rolls! 
after the run we did a little birthday shopping for my sister, had a yummy lunch at Henery's, and went back to alisha's house for cupcakes.  then we loaded up and headed home to give jay a break, a whole 24 hours with three kids by himself?   i wasn't sure what i was in for, but he did awesome.  he even had dinner waiting when we got home. way to go dad:)

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