Monday, June 20, 2011

only 5 more sleeps!! what was i thinking??

you know you've had a busy couple weeks when 
a.  you haven't blogged in 13 days.
b.  you have 462 pictures to import to your laptop.

i've been just about as good at getting my runs in as i have been about blogging!
you'd think i would make it a priority with a marathon in 5 more sleeps, but no, i've been....

*celebrating my daughter turning 2:)...
carson and chloe

almost finished.  it took three guys 22 hours!

birthday girl!

big birthday cupcake :)

blowing out her candles.


we got her a helmet because she wants everything her brothers have:)
she loved it!

wow!! her first look at her quad:)

loving it!!

she hopped right on and took off:)

carson and clay's favorite thing to do.... "redneck sledding"

ciara taking chloe for a ride

*watching my youngest boy graduate kindergarten :)...

too cool for school :)

way to go clay logan!!

* watching my oldest graduate from 8th grade...

franco, skyler, tony, and cole.

my baby :)

tony and cole

cole, adrian, and tony...bff's :)

mr. class president.
* volunteering for field day at school...

hiking the trails behind the school

clay and courtney(the neighbor girl and his bff)


some sort of water and sponge relay race

water balloon toss.

* three day all-star baseball tournament for carson in kelso WA...

sadly this is the only picture i took all weekend :(

clay out with a half eaten sucker stuck to his lip :)
*  and last but not least my 5 mile run last night...

(supposed to be 8 but i didn't know that till i was done)
love my new shirt from skinnyrunner!! i ran 5 miles at 9:40 around naselle
and ended at the track to walk a few with my hubby:)
he's almost lost 70 lbs, i'm so proud of him!!


  1. Augggggh! Love all the pics. I didn't know our kids were so close in age (my son just turned 2 at the end of may!). class president! Whoa- setting the bar high for your other kiddos ;) Keep your hubs going! He must feel so great- almost to 70 lbs- that is amazing!!!
    Maia (sorry, I haven't been able to comment as myself so I'm now "anonymous")

  2. Your daughter is so beautiful! I love that cupcake cake :)