Thursday, June 2, 2011

thursday again??

apparently thursday is my favorite day to blog for some reason.  i really do  have intentions of blogging daily but it just never seems to pan out for me.

so our weekend trip to Sunriver OR was great. 
 we hit the road friday morning and before we made it 20 miles, two out of my four lovely children 
threw-up!!  what an awesome way to start a 300 mile drive:) 
as it turns out, a blue raspberry italian cream soda... at 8am... on an empty stomach....and a really windy road.... do NOT mix!
thank god thats all it was, i was picturing us passing the flu around all weekend and trying to run on top of it!
but we were all good and after a quick shopping break at the woodburn outlets we made it to Sunriver.
saturday morning all the boys went fishing so i took of for a run while chloe and grandma went on a walk.

i don't think i will ever master the self portrait.
i ran about 2.5 miles to the house stacey was staying at and made her run back with me.  the weather was really crazy.  it was sunny when i left, when i got to stacey's it started snowing for a minute and then it was nice again.
after the run we headed into bend to go to the run expo and pick up our goodies and bib.
as soon as we got there it started snowing!! WTF ? it's almost june!

then we headed to the old mill district to do a little more shopping and get some lunch.

and some yummy ben and jerry's ice cream.
now it's sunday, half marathon time, and the sun is out:)
it was still pretty cold at 8:30 but i went with my running skirt and 26.2 apparel shirt that i love, with a lightweight nike jacket. 
i didn't really know what to expect from this run.  it was my first half by myself and also my first trail run.  i felt pretty good the first few miles even though it seemed like we were running up hill most of the time.  i didn't love all the trails, you really have to be careful and pay attention to where you are putting your feet every step!
i saw my sister in law at the halfway point, she was doing a relay, and i really wanted to be done.  my legs felt fine i was just tired and hot!  i kept going hoping for some down hills.  the second half was way better! no more rocky trails and lots of down hills, right until the last mile or so:( 
with the finish in sight i saw my family, chloe was soooo happy to see me and i knew she would freak if i went right by so i grabbed her thinking the finish line was right ahead.  
well it wasn't so now i'm running carrying a two tear old!!  we had to stop and walk for a minute but then we ran through the finish line together:)

half marathon # 4 done
garmin time 2:15
official time 2:17
alisha and i are doing 20 miles on saturday, that will be my first and last long run for my seattle r&r marathon that's in like 3 weeks!! yikes
on a different note i bought myself a nook color and i LOVE it!!
now i need some nook friends!

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  1. You just made me even more excited for our trip to Sunriver in a couple weeks!!

    What a fun time to run in with wee girl! That is what it's all about!