Tuesday, June 7, 2011

ten things tuesday

1.  i didn't make 20 miles on saturday, but did make it 18.5 and i'm totally happy with that!  i'm not sure of our time, i forgot my garmin but my sister had hers.  it was like 3:40 ish i think.  we did stop and walk quite a bit but it was the hottest day that we've had so far this year!!  i totally forgot to take any pictures but we did take our first ice bath after....brrrr!

2.  loving the nice weather around here lately.  we went to the river beach one day and the ocean the next:)

3.  my baby girl will be 2 in six days:(  how time flies!

4.  we're having a bar-b-que for her birthday on sunday and giving her this...
image 1
5.  we'll be spending all day saturday putting it together i'm sure!

6.  i'm pretty excited i only have two miles on the schedule for today:)

7.  alisha and i want to come up with a fun rock and roll-ish shirt or tank for the marathon, any ideas?
this might be a bit much for me.
8.  anyone know what kind of gel they offer if any at the seattle r&r?? i'm trying to decide if i should wear my fuel belt or not?  i like having drinks when i need them but don't really want to carry any extra weight.  i have enough around my midsection as it is!  i didn't use one in portland and we stopped at almost every aid station.  the gel they gave there was horrible though!!

9.  my husband brought home one of his machines to make us a new fire pit in the yard.  we have one now but it was just a spot on the yard where we burnt stuff from moving over five years ago.  it was on a  little hill so you could only sit on one side.
this is the new one in a nice flat spot where we can sit all around it:)
i'm heading to home depot today to get all the bricks to border it.

10.  have any of you runners out there tried the HCG diet??
what do you think about it??


  1. I LOVE the picture of y'all in the ice bath. That is too funny. Happy Birthday to your baby girl :). I would not wear the fuel belt for the race. I agree with you...it gets really heavy after awhile. I actually took mine off and threw it away at mile 18 in my last marathon. (I did get a new one and wear it all the time for training). I'd get a spibelt to wear to carry your Gu's in. So much lighter. You may already have one. Good luck with the race. Can't wait to hear all about it :)

  2. The ice bath pic is priceless! Tee hee hee. I would carry what I need for the race just to be sure. Good suggestion in the comment above to scale down if you don't want too much.

    Winks & Smiles,

  3. I've heard a lot about the HCG Diet and had a couple of close friends try it, and it sounds like it's pure fad, and not a sustainable healthy lifestyle at all. They essentially inject you with the hormone that pregnant women have in order to use their body's fuel to feed the baby instead of hanging on to it... which they call "all natural" :/ Then the diet consists of 500 calories per day. Personally, I think if a runner went on this, they would end up having some serious issues, or at least passing out halfway through a run.