Wednesday, March 2, 2011

it's finally here:)

workout ~ ran 2.2 miles in times square!! (on my new BAD ASS treadmill that is :))

it was definitely worth the wait for this thing, i LOVE it.  it finally came last night around 6:30 and of course all i wanted to do was start putting it together.  chloe had other plans though, she wanted to eat dinner.  so we had to put the assembly on hold for a bit to feed the family:)
after stomach's full were  the work began.....

thats a LOT of parts

dad and clay trying to move the ginormous thing 

what a pain in the butt that was, and boy was i happy when we plugged it in and it worked, internet and all:) i really wanted to hop on it but  lil miss wanted mom to put her to sleep. 
don't let the smile fool you!
it was like 10:15, maybe thats why she was so crabby :(
so this morning while she took a nap i figured out how to download a course and i was able to run on the streets of N.Y. through times square, so sweet.

is it just me or does it feel like you go slower on a treadmill than you do outside??  i was really huffing and puffing and when i switched the screen to see my pace i was shocked to see 9:50 i felt like i was going faster?? maybe it just takes some getting used to.
my running wall.....
my bibs, medals, pictures and a running calendar my sister made me 
 i think i might run in vegas this afternoon :)


  1. OMG... I love your treadmill! Me want.
    And what a cool running wall... I really need to get mine together. Our basement walls are completely bare!

  2. What an awesome treadmill! I am dying with jealousy.... Have SO much fun on that hot thing, lucky lady!