Thursday, April 28, 2011

3 things thursday

is it really thursday already?  this week has flown by for me, maybe because we didn't get back into town from Mt. Hood till monday night.  we had a blast hanging out, eating, hunting for eggs and spending some quality time together as a fam:)

 so on with my three random things:

1.   i only have 58 days till my 2nd marathon seattle rock & roll!
i've neen using runners world smart coach app on my iphone and it seems like a pretty good program...when i actually do it that is!  i've missed my last couple long runs and i realize theses  are probably the most important ones.  i did't train very good for my first marathon and it showed!  i only did one long run and it was only 18 miles.  i swore i was going to train right for this one and now it's time to kick it in gear!!

2.  stacey and i have been doing the 30 day shred every morning.  we are almost two weeks in and i  am feeling like is getting a little bit easier.  we are definitely still "anita's" and will be for a long time!
Jillian Michaels: 30 Day Shred [DVD]

3.  i finally got my first running skirt and i love it!!
sparkle athletic skirt
i ordered one athletic and one running skirt.   i had to send the running skirt back to exchange for another athletic skirt.  the running one was way tighter than the athletic in the same size and i felt like it was a little too short, i have pretty long legs.  i got a pair of cute blue compression socks and i <3 them too!


  1. Thanks for following!

    The pic of the kids holding hands looking out the window is too cute!!

    I'm running Seattle RnR too!! :)

    Love that skirt!

  2. stopping by from SR...i have been stalking those skirts for nearly 6 months in prep for summer long runs. recnetly I was told that the athletic was the way I should go. how did you determine the size you needed./..I hate having to return things:) love your marathon training and 4 kiddos...thought i was doing something with half training, full time job and 1 child! Whew! keep up the great work