Friday, April 22, 2011

first virtual race....check

i did the jelly bean virtual run yesterday, i was supposed to do the 10k.  i had a brain fart and thought that was 6.4 miles.  i later realized while reading blogs and saw a picture of a garmin that said 6.2(they also did the jellybean 10k)  i was like duh people a 10k is 6.4, hello??  then i thought well a 5k is 3.1.....that means a 10 k is 6.2!! nice work shannon.  i really wanted to finish in under an hour and i did! i even ran a little extra:)
6.4 miles in 59:27
9:17 pace


thanks runwithjess for putting on this fun run!!

now i really need to go get packing for our trip to Mt. Hood. 
 i hope everyone has a great easter weekend :)

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  1. Overachiever :) Good work!! Hope you had a fun trip to Mount Hood