Thursday, April 28, 2011

Headphone recommendations ??

So during my last few runs I've been noticing my headphones are starting to cut out. Last night it was really getting bad and bugging me. I have the ironman yarbuds and I loved them. Apparently they only have a 90 day warranty and I really think for 50 bucks they should last longer! So any advice or recommendations out there??


  1. you can put the yurbuds on any ipod earbuds. If you have any laying around or you can probably buy them pretty cheap!

  2. I LOVE the Nike Vapor Headphones...around $30.00 I have had mine over a year...


  3. I got some from Best Buy. They are JVC. Very inexpensive. I love them b/c the are very thin & wrap around your ear. They also have the runner ear piece. The hard ones hurt my ears. HTH.

    I am your newest follower, happy running:)

  4. I REALLY like my SkullCandy Earbuds. The stay in my ears and don't slide. AND they have really good sound. I got mine at radio shack for like 14.99! : )

  5. Hi fellow mamma/runner!! I found you through SR! I'm also a mommy of 3 so, I know first hand how hard it is to do all that you do AND fit in marathon training!! Kudos to you!! Keep doing what you do! You're awesome!! :)

    In regards to headphones, I personally don't like the ones you have to stick in your ear canals. I use the nike sports headband ones. They're great and I never have to worry about them falling out!! I found mine at Ross for $12.99. Not bad!!

    Have a great Wednesday!! :)

    (sorry I don't have a

  6. Hi, spied you on SR today. I use the Nike Vapor and I am obsessed! There's a couple of different models.. My first pair I got at Target, they are a little cheaper in quality but they have this cool split cord, so if you are using an armband you don't have to have the full cord flopping around. I stepped on those and they're toast.

    Then I bought a nicer model on amazon.. I think these...

    They don't split but are crazy durable. My favorite part about both of them is that the hook over the ear is totally flexible and virtually weightless. These things never fall out of my ears and the sound quality is amazing! I recently lost my ipod and was more upset about the missing headphones than the ipod itself.