Tuesday, April 19, 2011

ten things tuesday

*  first things first, i'm loving this sunny weather.  even if it is only 40 degrees at least i see sun and blue sky.

*  getting ready for our trip to mt. hood this weekend for easter.  my mom rented a big house for us all.  four days of chillaxin with the family and kicking butt in the annual easter egg hunt!

*  chloe went #1 and #2 on the potty twice today!! 

*  we had a fun weekend with hailee, lori and dallen.  lot's of fishing and quad riding.  i squeezed in a 4 mile run too.

cole and hailee

skyler and cole showin' off

cole and hailee

clay caught the biggest fish that has came out of our creek:)

*  cole has his first ever track meet tomorrow, and today was his first baseball practice now that his wrist is healed, and carson won his game last night:)

*  i registered for the happy girls half marathon on may 29th. in Bend OR.

*  i went for a run/walk tonight at the track with stephanie :) and had some much needed grown-up time.
that potty training is hard work!

*  my sister comes to town tomorrow:)  thursday we are doing  the jelly bean virtual race 10k
still working on something easterish to wear but i did bling out our race bibs:)

*  alisha and i have a 16 miler on our schedule for easter sunday.  a little nervous about doing such a long run in an area that we've never been to before.  i guess we have a few days once we get there to figure it out.

*  and last but not least, here is a few pictures i took of chloe a year ago at easter.
 :( i can't believe how fast they grow!

*  ok i lied, i have eleven.
this is a video i took the other day of chloe winking.
i <3 her.


  1. this is ADORABLE. i just found your blog and i love it! and congrats on winning those compression socks!

  2. That house your mom rented looks amazing!!!

    Your kids are very adorable.

  3. Great pictures! This is my first time here, looking forward to coming back. I'm running in the Jelly Bean, too!

    Winks & Smiles,