Monday, December 27, 2010

59.7 down 15.3 to go.

workout ~ elliptical 4.5miles/50min

so i got all dressed and ready to walk out the door to run this evening, looked outside and came back in. it was raining buckets, sideways and after being sick with a cold for the last few days i just couldn't do it.  maybe tomorrow won't be quite so bad.  i only need to do 5 miles for the next three days and yeah, i'll have reached my goal!


  1. haha gezz, that run would have been near impossible especially since you can barely talk you have been so sick. good job sticking with your goal and getting those miles in with the eliptical...that could not have been easy to do with how sick you are. you are so so so close! im so proud of the amazing sister i have :)

  2. oh your are the sweetest sista a girl could ask for!