Saturday, December 18, 2010

hail storm....32.96 to go

workout ~ ran 3.72miles/40.13

i was planning on running this morning with alisha but is was just too stormy and nasty. then i was planning on going after carson's basketball game but alisha brought me the wrong sports bra and a good bra is a must for a run of any length!(thanks for trying alisha) so after being pestered by my mom about reaching my goal, we came home and took off. about a mile and a half into our freezing cold run it starts to pour, no biggie we're used to running in the rain but a couple minutes later it starts hailing. i have never ran in the hail before, nor do i care to again. it hurt so bad we had to take refuge under some trees on the side of the road till it stopped. so our 5-6 mile run turned into a slow, slippery,wet, and freezing cold, 3.72.  hope we have better luck with the weather tomorrow.

p.s.  i have to run 2.53 miles everyday for the rest of the month to get to 75.....piece of cake!

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  1. haha its not my fault your running attire is so high maintance gesshh ;)