Monday, December 6, 2010

64.1 to go ~ jingle bell run recap

workout sunday ~ jingle bell 5k 3.2miles/28:50

we got to alisha's and got all our decorations on, i was hoping we weren't the only ones dressed up, turns out i had nothing to worry about almost everyone was decked out in holiday spirit!

alisha even rocked battery powered christmas lights, i didn't see anyone else with those!

 i think we have started a tradition, crazy long socks for every run:)

 group shot before the run starts.

 cole, alisha, and i rounding the halfway point.

look at those loooonnnggg legs go!
we crossed the finish line with a time of 28.50 not as good as i wanted but it was a slow start with all the people. i could also blame cole who was having major headphone issues and needed to stop so i could help him fix them twice!! but i'm not:) we ran faster than normal after our stops my garmin said around 8:45 whenever i checked it, could be why i developed a killer side ache for the last mile,(thanks alisha for  never slowing down, it pushed me to keep up) maybe it was the dutch brothers on an empty stomach right before the race. well anyways we had a ton of fun and i got to spend some quality time with cole.
after we finished the race we ran back to jen so we could finish with her, this was her first race and she 
ran the whole thing! great job jen:)

kimmo and ciara came to cheer us all on.
then on to a yummy lunch and drinks at rockbottom.
and then home to go christmas tree hunting.

 carson was busy catching fish with his friend and didn't want to go this year :( we missed him though.
i'm not sure why cole looks so angry, we really did have a good time!

chloe loved the chain saw but now that the tree is home she is deathly afraid of it, i guess thats ok it will
keep her from messing with the ornaments:)

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