Wednesday, December 1, 2010

70.5 miles to go:)

workout ~ ran @ the track 4.5 miles/42.36

we went to the track tonight, cole ran the first two miles with me before he ditched me for a basketball game:) it was nice having someone run with me( i barely thought of the coyotes and cougars). i've been waiting patiently for stacey's foot to heal, i miss my running partner.  i'm praying for good weather for sunday and to win skinnyrunners giveaway of a bunch of cliff products!

workout turkey day ~ 6.4miles/1:03
workout 18th ~ 2.48miles/21.59


  1. I love your idea of 75 miles in december. I remember the days of running the fort stevens trails and you would say "only till the next corner, im only running till the next corner". you would only run 30 feet then walk for 40 feet, run 30 walk 40 and so on and so on...all the mean time hate talking me for making you run. NOW HOWEVER, its a complete 180 and you are motivating ME to run more and get more in shape. You are such an inspiration and i love reading your blogs to keep me going. Bring on the 75 in starting today, all thanks to you :)