Sunday, December 19, 2010

in the twenties! 27.4 left.

workout ~ ran 5.52miles/52.58

great run this afternoon with my bestie stacey riding her bike.  she would probably be running along right along side me if she would have went to the dr. when we all told her too!  she did something to her foot during the portland marathon and hasn't been able to hardly run since:( i tried diagnosing her injury online but not sure i had it right:) long story short, get your arse to the dr. so you can start running again!!

here are some really horrible pics from girls weekend, i really hate taking pictures indoors, in the evening.  i cant stand using a flash, it makes the pic look horrible but i can't get my settings right without one either!
nette and her glass before all my hard work came off, who would thunk they really meant it when they say must dry for 21 days??? i thought 21 hours would be just fine... wrong!!

part of the clan, we had a blast playing quarters on our executive table!

can u say greasy ball! wth?? maybe it's the flash

embassy happy hour...gotta love it!


sorry jen this was the only pic i could find:)
6 days till christmas.....why does it have to go by sooooo fast when you are an adult:( makes me sad.

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