Wednesday, May 11, 2011

the big city

as soon as i ship the 3 boys off on the bus, chloe and i are heading to portland for the day.  after we pick up my sister, alisha we are going to road runner sports.  i really, really need some new running shoes.  my sister went a month or so ago and did the whole running on the treadmill and scan of her foot and got fitted for her shoes and a custom insole.  she said it was great so that's what the plan is for today.  i do love my brooks and mizunos but i have only ran down the street with someone watching and told i need stability shoes, i want to make sure that's really whats good for me.
yesterday i ran 7.5 around naselle and ended up at the track where jay and chloe came to meet me to walk a bit.  my hubby has lost 33 lbs in the last month!! way to go babe:)
sunday our 16mile run turned into 13:(
we were both coughing and hacking the whole time, and i really just didn't want to run longer than 2 hours!
 it was a beautiful day to run though.
rocking my cep free99 socks from skinnyrunner:)

this must be the before, we are still smiling:)


  1. 13 miles is still a great accomplishment!
    How do you like the socks? Does it bother the bottom of your feet when running? I have compression socks and generally wear them for after races vs. during- contemplating to switch it up, but hate trying new things

  2. 13 miles is awesome! I'm thinking about getting some socks for my first 1/2 marathon the first week in June...awesome that you got to try some free from SR :)

  3. What do you think about the socks versus the calf sleeves? I'm trying to decide!

  4. Way to go on those 13 miles. So you are a little short that's ok. That happens to me too. Somedays are just plain better than others. How do you like your socks. I so need to get some.