Friday, May 13, 2011

new kicks and high arches

wednesdays trip to road runner sports was a success.
i started out by running on the treadmill barefoot while they recorded a video.  we watched it and saw where my foot strike and all that business was.
my sister got in trouble for taking this picture.  apparently the shoe fitting technology at RRS is like all secret squirrel or something!
then i stepped on a pad that scanned my foot, showed my arches and pressure points and center of gravity.  this is where i was told i had very high aches and would benefit from their 80$ custom insoles.

this is how they fit the insoles, chloe was such a big helper:)
the only other person i know that has gone here is my sister and she was told the same thing about her arches, coincidence or not??  do you think they tell everyone they need insoles??  am i a sucker like the rest??   does anyone else have them and think they really help??
these are my old shoes that i replaced...

and these are the new ones...
i had to order the brooks so i don't have them yet.
here are the 80.00$ insoles that i REALLY NEEDED, so they say:)

what do ya think??
how many pairs of shoes do you have in your rotation?? do you switch em up every run, or save a pair just for races??  i go back and forth between the two and race in which ever one i feel is worthy for the day:)

all the running around the store made me super hungry so we headed to pf changs for some lunch.
and a yogurt place for some dessert :)

then off for home to see the fam.
thanks alisha for meeting us and helping:)

yesterday we went for a walk on the waterfront with jen and ciara.
i wore my new shoes and about 45 minutes into our walk i felt a little pain behind my knees! 
maybe this is normal, they said to wear them around the house to break them in, maybe i did to much??
i'll wear them again today, and see if it gets better.
i have 7miles to run tonight i guess i have to use my old shoes still.


  1. New reader here! Found you thru SR!

    I would be a little skeptical on the insoles. I had a podiatrist tell me I needed orthotics and then I got a 2nd opinion and the doc was like no way.

    Check the return policy. If the shoes give you grief be prepared to take them back and get your $ back.

    Usually you do need to wear them it but I've never really had any issues. At least none that I noticed with a new pair.

  2. yikes about the insoles! maybe you should try and return? your knee definitely shouldn't hurt...I use junky old shoes and I'm training for my first half marathon in June- I figure once I complete that I'll go look for new ones and break them in for the next race.

  3. I got new shoes at a running store and they tried to sell me insoles too, but I said no. They promised it would make me a more efficient (faster) runner, lol. Sure, and 60 dollars poorer too!

  4. Maybe you should try the shoes with different inserts and not the ones they sold you to test if it is the new insoles?

    Thanks for your comment!
    What's your next marathon?
    You can totally shave half an hour off your marathon time!