Wednesday, May 18, 2011


i've been m.i.a. for a week or so, super busy with the kids and i've had this stupid chest thing going on for a few weeks now.
  i went to the dr. on monday because i was fed up and wanted to figure out what was up so i could get back into the groove of training.  he took one listen and told me i had bronchitis.  i figured thats what it was, every time i took a breath i had a serious rattle in my chest.  he did a chest x-ray to rule out pneumonia which came back clear:)  
when i picked up my prescription the pharmacist, no knowing anything about me, said "to take it easy, you know, don't go training for any marathons or anything!"  she was totally joking and i was like... i am training and the dr. knows this.  she said to be careful, "Levaquin" is known to cause tendon injuries.  seriously??? 
 i took my first dose last night and now after doing a little research am wondering why the heck he prescribed that for me??  i have a message into his office reminding him i have a marathon in a little over a month and need to keep running.  i guess we'll see what he says.
anyone ever taken levaquin before?  any side effects?
well enough of that.
i did my first senior pictures this weekend.  my oldest son's friends sister, wanted me to take her pic's.
i've never done it before but had fun and i think the ones she picked turned out pretty good:)

happy wednesday:)


  1. cute pics!!
    I would be so upset with my dr. It would make me feel like they weren't paying enough attention and thinking about me! See if you can get something else. Good thing that pharmacist said something!

  2. I took Levaquin and wasn't training for anything long at the time. Longest runs were 6& 7 miles while I was on it...but I had been sick for a while so I was shooting for 3 weeks to clear my sinuses....I had to abort mission at day 15...just listen to your body. First signs of tenderness near the achilles....and STOP the drug. my doc and I discussed it prior and we strongly weighed options. I ended up having to take steroids to loosen up the leg...=gained 8 pounds! Levaquin has a place but run of the mill bronchitis...humm...I would seriously consider plenty of fluids, rest and listen to your body and i would not take over 7 days of the L stuff. I am in medical feild and was skeptical about the whole tendon thing...til I experienced it!

  3. Thanks for the info, I'm only on it for seven days and the dr. Did call back to reassure me that it was safe and very unlikely that I would experience any tendon issues. I will be super careful and stop if i feel any pain or discomfort.
    Wish me luck. :)

  4. Hope you feel better! Pharm drugs can be scary- sometimes the side effects are worse than the actual illness :x

    Great photos, wish my senior pics were like that and not staged & in a fake graduation gown lol

  5. Hope you get better, I hate whenever I have to take any medications!
    Also, I love the photo's, you did an awesome job.
    Hope your marathon training is going well, keep up all the hard work.