Sunday, May 8, 2011

happy mom's day:)

"happy mothers day" to all you moms out there.  any fun plans for the day?
alisha and i are meeting at seven to try and knock out an 18 miler,yikes!! 
 chloe was up all night, not sure why and alisha has a bad head cold.  we'll see how far we get i guess. 
today is the first day of the "sunday market" in astoria.
  my mom and i will be hittin' that up with my sister and stacey and then shopping for some hanging baskets.
my super awesome husband is going to cook us all dinner rib, yummy.
here's some pictures from our fun bike ride yesterday.
what a ham:)

we lucked out with no rain for an hour and a half!

erick, cole and clay on the waterfront.

we had to go check out all the sea lions

testing out some rides at the bike shop

ended the day with a little "DQ"
 perfect :)

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