Friday, January 21, 2011

five fav's friday

 1~  my canon 50d,with 50mm lens, love taking pictures of my family:)

2~  watching my oldest, #11 playing basketball.

 3~  drinking my coffee and reading everyone's blogs in the morning after the big kids get on the bus:) my kindergartner is having a hard time going back to school after x-mas break and staying home sick for a week and a half.  a friend asked me if i ever thought of home schooling.....ummm no, i couldn't do it.  i love the time with just chloe and i.

4~  prescription gel the dr. gave me for my ankle. i think it's helping:)

5~  yarbuds..... the best headphones ever! these babies are comfy and they do not fall out.

1 comment:

  1. haha the thought of you homeschooling cracks me up. what you really mean to say to that question is "ummm hell no" haha. tell me more about the head phones..where did you get them? how much? i need new ones bad but i have tiny ears so i have hard time finding ones that dont fall out