Monday, January 3, 2011

i didn't make it:(

so i fell short 4.8 miles of my goal of 75 miles in december.  we went to bend for new years weekend and i had 9.8 left. i tried to get them done before we left but the weather and my constant hacking cough stopped me.  so new years eve day i headed to a gym in bend to try and do what i could on a treadmill. i hadn't ran for nine days so i knew i might not get in all 9.8.  it started out good for about 2.5 miles then my horrid cough kicked in and it was all i could to to get to 4 miles. kindof bummed, i decided i would just try again in january, but then new years day while i was out sledding with the kids i slipped and fell and totally messed up my foot!  so no running for me for a while:(
on a happier note i have my first real follower, not a family member that i had to bribe!
so whats everyones new years resolutions??


  1. Cool now you have another follower and you would never have to bribe me!! As far as I am concerned, you met your goal, even 50 miles over the holidays is amazing!! So, I am starting to get back in the running game....slowly. Darren and I have a bet on who can lose 25 pounds first so far I have lost 3. I will keep you posted

  2. oh im so excited for you! I miss the heck out of ya and would love to get together to visit and workout. so what do u get when you win the bet? :)