Monday, January 17, 2011

girls night

since i don't have any running to blog about i guess i'll just write about something else:)

tonight my sister, mom and i went to the movies.  i took this picture while driving, by myself to meet them at the theater. ( i recently decided to give up texting while driving and i've been really good about following through with that, looking at this pic now i realize taking pictures of yourself while driving probably isn't any safer than texting.  i will try and refrain from that as well:))
i love driving by myself these days....not having to listen to yo gaba gaba if chloe is in the car, and no lil' wayne if cole is in the car! yuk!  i can listen to what i want, as loud as i want:)
we saw the dilemma, i thought it was cute. 
 then we went to the supper club for happy hour:)

gin and tonics for alisha and i and something fruity for mom:) thanks for a fun girl date guys!


  1. Looks like a fun girls night out! You're so lucky to live near your family. You all look fantabulous!

  2. i have an idea...i think that we should make this a montly occurance. set a date at the beginning of every month for a time that we can have a girls night...dinner, movie, drinks, pedicures, or all of the above. i had so much fun and it was refreshing to have just us together. sounds like a plan? of course any female family is welcome, jen...stace, cynth, ect. :)