Wednesday, January 12, 2011

and just when i was thinking my blog was soooo lame with no running to report about and all, and then BAM! i was nominated by wanna be a skinnie minnie for the.......

so cool:) thanks.

Here’s how it works…
There are 4 duties to perform to accept this award:
1. Make a post + Link back to the person who awarded you this award.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
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seven things about me:

1.  i have been with my husband since i was fifteen.
2.  i am addicted to M.A.C. make-up

3.  i drink an iced latte everyday no matter how cold it is outside, and it usually takes me an hour or longer to drink it.

4.  my two youngest kids have been sick for a week, and i have been since christmas eve, yuk:(

5.  the town we live in is so small- all my kids go to the same school, from preschool to 12th grade, there's one restaurant, one small grocery store, one gas station, no stoplights, and if i wait till after one to go get my coffee i'm screwed (the next closest espresso shop is a half an hour away)

6.   i also have a designer jean addiction 


7.   i can't wait for my foot to get better so i can start running again!! i never thought i would miss running like i do.

~seven people i nominate are~
and last but not least...everyones fav:)

i'm heading to the dr. tomorrow to see whats up with the foot, i hope it's nothing major and i just need to rest it a little bit longer.  dang snow and ice!
hope everyone had a fantastic wednesday!


  1. awh geez, thank you.
    ill get over the jealousy of your jean collection soon. give me a couple days.

  2. I just found your blog through Amanda's!! Hi from another Oregon Mom!

  3. Hi there! I actually did this yesterday so you'll have to check it out. :) Thanks! This will be my 4th stylish award...yay! And what a great jean!

  4. Oh my gosh! Thanks so much for nominating me! Stylish... I most certainly AM (not!) Love it!

  5. Oh my word! Thank you so much for the nomination! I'm so glad to find your blog! I hope the foot is better soon and you are logging the miles again!

  6. Holy MAC! Hope your foot is OK. :/

  7. thanks for nominating me! just posted my own as well, how fun! Also thanks for participating in my giveaway- will post winner (perhaps 2, next friday)

  8. MAC is my all time favorite! Your collection makes me want to do a sleepover at your house. It would be like spending the night at a MAC store!! How far do you have to drive to get to a MAC store? What are your favorite brands of jeans?


  9. Wow, i am envious of your MAC collection!

    Hope you feel better soon!