Thursday, January 6, 2011

need blogging advice

since i have no idea what i'm doing in blog land, i need some words of wisdom from all you out there.  it seems as though there are certain days when u post certain info....?? is there a blogging for dummies i should checking amazon for?   some examples i've seen in my major blog reading lately (since we know i'm not doing any running!) are:
manic monday
running tuesday
three things thursday
should i follow and use these or try and be creative and make something up, it's not like i have major followers but i don't want to sound "blog challenged":)


  1. Wow, I just started blogging and I'm interested to see your responses! I will check back!
    PS- I LOVE you pic at the top of your blog!

  2. My observations are that people get creative and make their blog what they want. So, if there's something you're passionate about, pick a day of the week and dedicate it to that! Or, if there's something you often search out info on from others and have learned a lot about, make that a theme once a week. I.E., I have acquired a lot of great gear this past year for running, and am thinking about doing a product review once a week. I just need to get my act together to do it!

  3. i agree with 'the mommy' in make it your own blog. I follow quite a few blogs, some people post everyday, some its once or twice a week. Since my blog is about running, if I don't have some race or workout to write about, I'll write something that inspires or excites me that pertains to running - books, gear, goals etc

    ... also 3 things thursdays are always fun to read :)

  4. Well whatever you write, I love reading it! So I nominated you for the Sylish Blogger Award! Go check out my blog and see what it is all about!