Thursday, January 6, 2011

i still have a kankle:(

i'm still waiking with a limp, so no running to report yet:( i am however looking for some half marathons to sign up for to keep me motivated and training for vegas.  i'm thinking about the happy girls half marathon in bend on may 29th and the see jane run women's half marathon in seattle on july 17th. anyone interested......alisha, you up for either of these??
i think i'm going to try the elliptical  today and see how that feels on the swollen bruised foot. i need to get off my ass and do some type exercise, it's almost been a week! the shamrock run is in just over two months, yikes:/


  1. Hi! I was looking at another blog and found yours! I noticed that you have ran a marathon and I am training for one right now! Its May 1st! So excited! Sorry to hear about your foot injury! Hope you get over it quickly!

  2. hi there! so i'm totally new at this blogging thing and love finding all these fun blogs to read like yours:) i don't know how much my hubby loves it though! so what marathon are you doing? any time goals? i just wanted to finish...period. next one i would really like to try and cut some time off. congrats on your wedding, and your dog is the cutest;)