Wednesday, March 30, 2011

almost a week in pictures

so i've been a really crappy blogger and haven't posted in almost a week. 
so here's my week in pictures-

ran 3 miles on tm,
took chloe swimming with grandma, jen , and ciara.
the pool was freezing so we spent an hour in the hot tub.

the sun decided to grace us with it's presence so 
chloe and i went on a 1.5 mile jog to the park.
 i have never used my self timer on my camera, so after i googled where it even is,
 this is what i came up...

 i guess i need a little practice :)
the run and the park must have wiped her out.

5 miles on the elliptical 
took cynthia out to dinner for her birthday.
(and a few drinks!)

supposed to be my long run, 12 miles.
i had a little too much fun on saturday and didn't
think i run 12 miles real well.
i did a whole lot of nothing on sunday:)

ran 12 miles after jay got home from work.
it was a lonely, boring, windy run but i did it:)
1:57:18 9:46pace
and when i walked into the house this little box 
of awesomeness was waiting for me,
timing couldn't have been better!
my free99 cep compression socks from my running idol skinnyrunner!
i slipped, well not really slipped, more liked tugged those puppies on, 
grabbed some frozen veggies and watched me some apprentice.
my legs felt pretty good with the socks on, i even slept with them 
and wore them the whole next day.  that may have been 
a little over kill but today my legs feel great:)

we went back up to portland for coles arm.
yay, no more stinky cast!
he got his pin pulled out no problem and now he's in a brace for 2 more weeks.

i tried to go to the one store that sells runningskirts. 
it was over an hour out of my way but i really wanted to
try them on before i ordered online. no luck, they only had like five and 
none my size. bummer.
so we headed here next...
and i bought this...

Speed 2
the pink of course.
and these...

i'm pretty excited about these bras.
 i have some rubbage spots healing right now from my 
12 miles from a bra i can now throw in the garbage!

pretty exciting week i know!
 to portland on saturday for the 
"race for the roses half marathon" on sunday;)


  1. Well looks like a great week!
    What kind of Garmin is your watch? I've never seen a yellow one before?
    OMG, you have a RoadRunnerSports store by you?! That would be soooo dangerous! Thankfully our sporting stores are all pretty lame here, lots of online ordering for this gal. GOOD LUCK ON SUNDAY!!!

  2. jess, it's a green one it's just a bad iphone pic;)
    i wish the roadrunner sports was by us, well maybe i don't. it's a 2 hour drive. we live in the sticks, really. no stoplight in our town, my kindergartner goes to school with seniors, and 2 hours to a mall with anything good. it makes for scary long runs, i'm constantly on the look out for bears and cougars!! i saw two herds of elk and like 6 or 7 deer on my last run :)sticks, i'm tellin' ya!

  3. Looks like a great week! I think that pic of you and chloe that is out of focus is REALLY cool (seriously)!!!!

  4. awesome pics, i love how you got pics of exactly what you bought that day. i ran in my road runner tank and really liked it...maybe ill weat it for our run sunday. with we lived closer so we could train together...lonely runs are no fun! miss you and cant wait to see you and my adorable nephews and sweet lil neice saturday so they can tear up my itty bitty apt :) love to the gym i go.

  5. Fabulous pictures!! You look amazing in your running gear! And, you made some stellar and KEY running purchases! A great s-bra is so necessary.