Monday, March 14, 2011

surgery and shamrocks

i haven't been a very good blogger lately, it's been a little crazy around here with all our trips to Portland.  three times in six days, it's four hours round trip! 
wednesday was cole's surgery and he did great. 
this is cole and chloe hanging out pre-surgery.
this is him post-surgery.....little drugged up i'd say :)
and this is finally leaving 6.5 hours later. a really long day, especially with a 20 month old in a 5X5 room!

the next order of business is the shamrock 15k
we headed back to portland saturday morning to hang out with friends and family before the run on sunday.  we picked up our packets at the convention center and then headed downtown portland.  we ate yummy lunch at the saturday market,
did a little shopping at lululemon, and found a yummy cupcake shop, cupcake jones
 we had to to a little carb loading, right? 
chocolate dipped strawberry, red velvet, vanilla peral, double chocolate,
 peanut butter &jelly, and a chocolate mint. all were filled and delicious:)

leaving alisha's house, decked out in green and shamrocks:)

alisha even blinged out our bibs, 
i bet no one else had sparkle numbers:)
alisha, me and lori getting ready to start.
we made it!
showing off our bling,
this was lori's first race and she totally rocked it!!
she finished in 1:34 and she had never ran that far.
way to go lori:)

alisha and i finished 9.42miles in 1:34
mile 1~ 9:51
mile 2~10:10
the first 5.5 miles are really hilly, i thought our pace was good for the first few miles. 
around mile 5 we stopped and waited in line for a bathroom, only to find out it was out of order!
so we stopped again at mile 6 for the port-a-potties, i ran/walked till alisha caught back up and then off we flew! i was really proud of our pace for the last 3.5 miles. i didn't think i could go that fast for that long, i'm sure going downhill had nothing to do with it:) 
erick and alisha
the crew
last night
my knees and chins were a little sore, probably from all the hills:)


  1. GREAT JOB! I've got a St. Paddy's 8K race this weekend... think I may steal your number bling idea for my bib! Praying against the forecasted rain...

  2. Poor boy looked high as a kite in that picture :D

    I was totally signed up for the shamrock 15k but was too sick. I was pretty bummed yesterday morning, even if it DID rain :-(

    You guys looked CUTE!

  3. Good job Shannon! You guys ended up with a great time...good pace! You definitely rocked it at the end :-)


  4. Great job with your race! Hope your son is doing well! : )