Tuesday, March 8, 2011

boo hoo:(

workout monday ~ 2.5 miles @ the track with stacey

yay for stacey running with me again!!:)
boo for having to take my son cole in for surgery tomorrow on his wrist:(
he's pretty bummed cause the healing time is even longer now but the dr. recommends fixing it the right way now so we don't have to come back later and have a more invasive surgery.  i'm going to have one grumpy teenager on my hands tomorrow.  his procedure isn't until 2:45p.m. and he can't eat or drink anything after midnight tonight! yikes. guess who's gonna be in the fridge at 11:55 tonight:)
my plan is to get up and run in the morning but it never seems like such a great idea when the alarm goes off...i guess we'll see.
random pictures of the clan:)

cole taking his sister on a quad ride, she <3 's it!

carson finishing his 2nd 5k!
clay and his favorite chicken "jennifer"

baby chloe 5 days old
lil miss cutie patotie today

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  1. GREAT photos :) Hope things went well with the surgery.