Sunday, March 6, 2011

nice & sunny sunday run in vegas

workout ~ran on tm 10.05 miles/1hr39min

i had an 8 mile run scheduled today and even though it was beautiful outside i really wanted to run on my treadmill, i had only been on it once so far.  i felt great so i went for 10:)
my vegas course was only 4.15 miles,  so i started over and did 6 more without the scenery.   is google maps real time i wonder, like if i got on now would it be dark out?? i never thought about that. 
after my run i drank a chocolate milk with a scoop of protein powder and a scoop of L glutamine,  it tasted yummy.
i got my order of B.I.C. Bands yesterday in the mail. i love them, they are so cute and so cheap:)  i'm wearing the green one this weekend for the shamrock run and the volleyball one i got for my sons girlfriend hailee:)
off to the dr. in portland tomorrow to find out if my son needs surgery on his wrist or not:(  i really hope he doesn't.  i miss my running buddy and i just found a sweet run for us to do together, the Warrior Dash.  has anyone done one before?? is it fun, really hard?? scary??
i think we could handle it!!


  1. Your treadmill has such excellent features- I want to run in Vegas too!
    The Warrior Dash looks super scary, i think I'm going to pass on that until my fire pit leaping skills improve!

  2. iv been looking at the warrior dash and im ready to put in my time off for work and sign up for it today :) it looks like so much fun. so im at work right now (slow night) and i fell like all i did was graze on food in the break room PLUS i didnt workout today. Iv decided im going to start a food log/journal and hoping that will help me. I dont work tonight so im excited to go on a nice long outside run. hoping for 8 miles. man looking through those photo albums really makes me wana get back to that. love you and good job on your long treadmill run. proud of ya sista.