Tuesday, March 22, 2011

another peep hater :)

workout yesterday ~ 1 mile on the tm, i wasn't feeling it so i took to the streets and did 5.6 more.

no one in our family likes the traditional easter candy "peeps"


i got chloe some to try today :)
 she took a little bite of every bunny's appendages 

what are these??
 fluffy, pink sugary yumminess??
she thought she liked them here :)
here clay, you try 'em
when she realized she didn't think they were so great she gave them to her brother, 
but he doesn't like them either.
does anyone eat these besides my friend stacey??

 i found  some socks for the "race for the rose's" half on the 3rd.  i picked the ones on the right.
now i just need to come up with the rest of the outfit. 

this is me getting ready to head out for 8 miles with alisha. i was trying to show my cute new bic headband, but instead i just ended up looking like a big dork with a neck issue;) and this was the best out of about 14 pictures.  how does my son and all his teenager friends take such cute pictures of themselves in the mirror?


  1. Ha too funny. ugggh! I don't like those dang peeps either.

  2. You look amazing for heading out for a run!! And I think it's so awesome that you dress so cute for all your races!!!

  3. Funny, no one in my family likes Peeps either. Cute socks!

  4. I use to like peeps when I was little. But not any more. Love the socks. I like to dress up to. Cant wait to see pic