Thursday, March 17, 2011

thirteen things thursday

1.   i went tanning for the first time in 7 months yesterday.
2.   it felt so good i went again today, i finally have a little
3.   i won skinnyrunners giveaway, CEP compression socks!!! i NEVER win anything.
4.   i'm gunna do my first 13k virtual run, sometime this weekend.
5.   i'm addicted to my new iphone, any recommendations for must have apps??
6.   my new treadmill is the bomb!  i feel like it's easier to run faster on it than it is outside.
7.   i'm still up in the air about seattle rock and roll marathon, my sister and i are training for it but not  
         registered  yet.
8.  we are officially registered for vegas rock and roll and i'm super excited that it's at night, how cool is   
     running the strip at night going to be!
9.   i've been staying up way to late at night reading everyone's blogs, i need to put down the mac and     
     get my butt in bed.
10.   my sister thinks i'm doing the race for the roses half on april 3rd, i haven't signed up for that yet 
        either.  she's gunna be pissed when she reads this:)
11.   my husband has always been supportive of my running, but all these out of town runs = him             
        staying at home, not working, with some or all of our children. i kind of feel a little bad.
12.   baseball season is here, three boys on three different teams, one of them is in a diff city 30 min 
        away!  let the craziness begin.  gas at 3.85 a gallon sucks!
13.   weird to think that six months months ago i had never read a running blog in my life.  my sisters 
       friend marlie told me about her boyfriends, sisters running blog(skinnyrunner) and so it began:)


  1. I started with SkinnyRunners blog, too.
    I'm jealous that you are running Vegas! I hope to run it, but it all depends on this pesky foot.

    I stay up way too late reading blogs sometimes. It's addicting! Glad I found yours! : )

  2. #5 I am addicted to words with friends so if you get that my my username is erica_h

    #10 Well that's one way to break the news, :)

    #12 Sounds like me during soccer season 4 girls all one different teams with one on a traveling club team it's worth it to watch em play but alot of work good luck with baseball. :)

  3. Hey! Congrats on winning SR's giveaway! That is pretty cool :-)

  4. Thankjs for visiting my blog!! I wish we could've met in Portland (great blog header)!!

    The hubs and I are doing RnR Vegas too!!!!!