Thursday, March 3, 2011

three things thursday

1.  i never made it back on the new treadmill yesterday like i wanted.  i am very tempted to hop on when chloe naps, but my sister is in town and i fear what she would do to me if i run with out her!  we need to do at least 6 or more later today.

2.  i really want to order a skirt from runningskirts,

but want to try one on first.  i was sad yesterday when skinnyrunner did a review on one, she didn't seem to love hers.  i think i'll still give them a try if i ever make it to salem, to try one on.

3.  10 days till the shamrock 15k and i cant remember the last time i ran close to 9 miles, yikes!


  1. Good luck with the race, you'll do great! I think that running skirts are so super cute- but I'm afraid that since I'm so short and tiny I'll look like a little kid if I wear one... So sad!

  2. I just received my first skirt from runningskirts... the athletic style. I ran with it right away, and found it great!! It's super soft material, the fit is true to size (so many running stuff are on the small size in my opinion), and the shorts underneath stayed put. No thigh chaffing. I was very happy with my purchase. (FYI - I bought one off the clearence section first to make sure I liked it b4 I spent more money on the newer styles.)

  3. jess, i'm really glad to hear that you like yours, i'm going to order one up today i think:) i wish i would of snatched one up when they first went on clearance, no more athletic ones in my size:(

  4. wanted to give you a heads up- athletic ones are hit or miss (have a tendency to fall down and i know 5 other people that i've discussed this with who have been disappointed) I have had zero issues with the running skirts and what I do is just wear my own compression shorts underneath. If you go that route you can even purchase the clearance tri skirts- difference b/n running and tri is that running have built in briefs and tris don't- if you wear compression shorts underneath it doesn't matter.
    I'm obsessed with the running skirts and i've worn them for every race (minus disney bc i wore a tutu) clearance is the way to go!

  5. I love my RunningSkirts. The athletic ones are a tad long, which I like. Just so you know. You should look on eBay -- I've seen them for a little cheaper on there. Might be better for trying one out. I hate running in shorts - so unflattering, so I'm a skirt girl all the way!

    I have other brands, too. I've found one for like $5 at Ross once.

    PS: Would love to send a sticker! Send me your address to kerrie (at) sanitydepartment (dot) com.

    PPS: I have a Carson, too, except we spell it Karsen. :) Your kids are adorable/handsome!

  6. I wear my running skirt around the house and town, weird I know. but I wear mine on short runs, three miles or less. Maybe mine is too big, but it slips off my waste and slides down. I don't know which is which but I have a fitness skirt and a running skirt-one has built in shorts and one has built in panty things...the one without the shorts stays in place but I feel like everyone is thinking I'm crazy (not a teenager anymore in a tiny short skirt without shorts under) and maybe my bottom is showing??? But it at least fits better than the one with shorts. I think they have a good return policy though....Lots of people love them...I love it for wearing around the house (my hubby thinks it's pretty cute too).