Tuesday, December 28, 2010

only 9.8 to go!!

workout ~ elliptical 5.5miles/1 hour
i'm so tired of this crappy rainy weather, i just want a nice cold clear day to finish these miles i have left.  but snow is in the forecast so i doubt thats going to happen.  wow only 3 days till 2011, crazy! i think it's gonna be a good year:)
here's a couple pics from christmas....

Monday, December 27, 2010

59.7 down 15.3 to go.

workout ~ elliptical 4.5miles/50min

so i got all dressed and ready to walk out the door to run this evening, looked outside and came back in. it was raining buckets, sideways and after being sick with a cold for the last few days i just couldn't do it.  maybe tomorrow won't be quite so bad.  i only need to do 5 miles for the next three days and yeah, i'll have reached my goal!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

19.8 and 8 days to do it in....

workout ~ elliptical 3.5miles/36.45

oh my, tomorrow is christmas eve and i feel like crap! this bites:(

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

23.3 left:)....but i feel a cold coming on:(

workout ~ ran 4.10/37.7 

 i ran this morning with my friend lori (coles's girlfriends mom)

she said i was going to kick her butt, ya right. i think she was just trying to psych me out.  she did awesome and i had to keep up with her!  hopefully i can talk her into a run tomorrow too. only 23 miles left but i really want to get done before we go to bend for the new years.  i've been trying to decide  what my goal is for next month, more miles, quicker pace, healthier eating?? maybe all of the above? i guess i have 23.3 more mile to figure it out.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

in the twenties! 27.4 left.

workout ~ ran 5.52miles/52.58

great run this afternoon with my bestie stacey riding her bike.  she would probably be running along right along side me if she would have went to the dr. when we all told her too!  she did something to her foot during the portland marathon and hasn't been able to hardly run since:( i tried diagnosing her injury online but not sure i had it right:) long story short, get your arse to the dr. so you can start running again!!

here are some really horrible pics from girls weekend, i really hate taking pictures indoors, in the evening.  i cant stand using a flash, it makes the pic look horrible but i can't get my settings right without one either!
nette and her glass before all my hard work came off, who would thunk they really meant it when they say must dry for 21 days??? i thought 21 hours would be just fine... wrong!!

part of the clan, we had a blast playing quarters on our executive table!

can u say greasy ball! wth?? maybe it's the flash

embassy happy hour...gotta love it!


sorry jen this was the only pic i could find:)
6 days till christmas.....why does it have to go by sooooo fast when you are an adult:( makes me sad.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

hail storm....32.96 to go

workout ~ ran 3.72miles/40.13

i was planning on running this morning with alisha but is was just too stormy and nasty. then i was planning on going after carson's basketball game but alisha brought me the wrong sports bra and a good bra is a must for a run of any length!(thanks for trying alisha) so after being pestered by my mom about reaching my goal, we came home and took off. about a mile and a half into our freezing cold run it starts to pour, no biggie we're used to running in the rain but a couple minutes later it starts hailing. i have never ran in the hail before, nor do i care to again. it hurt so bad we had to take refuge under some trees on the side of the road till it stopped. so our 5-6 mile run turned into a slow, slippery,wet, and freezing cold, 3.72.  hope we have better luck with the weather tomorrow.

p.s.  i have to run 2.53 miles everyday for the rest of the month to get to 75.....piece of cake!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

36.68 left, starting to think i just might do it:)

workout ~ 7.08 miles/1:09
my pace was a little on the slow side tonight but i'm ok with that. i'm just happy to add some miles to my total. having this goal and having to put it on this blog has really helped give me the motivation to run as much as i can. maybe next month i will add a healthy eating goal and see if it will work for that too:)

                                                             nine days till christmas!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

is december really half over??? 43.76 to go

workout ~ tuesday elliptical 4.25miles/45minutes
it's 35 degrees out and hailing so i did the elliptical and damn it it's counting towards my seventy five!!

workout ~ sunday morning  2.47miles/26:51

 i had a blast with the girls this weekend and chloe did great, even with the flu! i felt really bad leaving her but i guess not bad enough. (horrible i know, but she was in good hands with her daddy) alisha got up with me in the morning on sunday and we went on a short run on the waterfront, we both had headaches and really didn't want to go but the fresh air felt good.

here is one of my many two readers checking my blog:)

Saturday, December 11, 2010

50.48 to go!

workout friday ~ 5 miles/49:04
it was pouring buckets for this run and stacey was nice enough to go with me on a bike. we were totally soaked in two minutes flat, it sucked, who's idea was it for this 75 mile thing?? on a happier note, girls weekend tomorrow!!!

Friday, December 10, 2010

55.48 to go, better get running

wednesday workout ~ ran 4.52 miles/43:04

i really need to try and get a longer run in today, because there will be no running tomorrow unless i go early in the am. in less than 24 hours i will be off on our annual girls drinking and dancing christmas shopping weekend:) and my first time away from little missy:( hopefully she does fine with daddy. my plan is to sober up by bedtime so i can get up and go for a run in downtown portland, is that a realistic goal???i'm not to sure. well off to get ready for the day, need to figure out some holiday cocktail ideas for tomorrow:) 
glasses i made for all my girls this weekend:)

Monday, December 6, 2010

60 miles to go...

workout ~ ran at the track 4.10 miles/38:21
 went to the track in astoria to get in a run before carson's basketball game. i felt better tonight than i did yesterday with a mile longer and a quicker pace.  weird how you can have bad and good run days.

64.1 to go ~ jingle bell run recap

workout sunday ~ jingle bell 5k 3.2miles/28:50

we got to alisha's and got all our decorations on, i was hoping we weren't the only ones dressed up, turns out i had nothing to worry about almost everyone was decked out in holiday spirit!

alisha even rocked battery powered christmas lights, i didn't see anyone else with those!

 i think we have started a tradition, crazy long socks for every run:)

 group shot before the run starts.

 cole, alisha, and i rounding the halfway point.

look at those loooonnnggg legs go!
we crossed the finish line with a time of 28.50 not as good as i wanted but it was a slow start with all the people. i could also blame cole who was having major headphone issues and needed to stop so i could help him fix them twice!! but i'm not:) we ran faster than normal after our stops my garmin said around 8:45 whenever i checked it, could be why i developed a killer side ache for the last mile,(thanks alisha for  never slowing down, it pushed me to keep up) maybe it was the dutch brothers on an empty stomach right before the race. well anyways we had a ton of fun and i got to spend some quality time with cole.
after we finished the race we ran back to jen so we could finish with her, this was her first race and she 
ran the whole thing! great job jen:)

kimmo and ciara came to cheer us all on.
then on to a yummy lunch and drinks at rockbottom.
and then home to go christmas tree hunting.

 carson was busy catching fish with his friend and didn't want to go this year :( we missed him though.
i'm not sure why cole looks so angry, we really did have a good time!

chloe loved the chain saw but now that the tree is home she is deathly afraid of it, i guess thats ok it will
keep her from messing with the ornaments:)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

67.3 to go...jingle bell run tomorrow:)

workout today ~ ran 3.2 miles/30:12

cole and i ran a 5k today to get ready for tomorrow, he hasn't ran that far for quite a while so i wanted to make sure he could keep up (just kidding cole, i know you're a stud!) i really just needed the miles for my "what was i thinking 75miles in dec. goal" i hope i don't end up having to run 20 miles on new year's eve!!! i'll chalk up another 3.2 tomorrow and then i need to bump up the mileage or i'm never gonna make it....

cole aka....stud muffin & me:)

tonight we're getting all ready for our holiday fun run tomorrow complete with battery powered christmas lights and all!! if i get a crappy time i'm gonna blame it on all the xmas accessories:)
our snazzy gloves
lots of pictures tomorrow....

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

70.5 miles to go:)

workout ~ ran @ the track 4.5 miles/42.36

we went to the track tonight, cole ran the first two miles with me before he ditched me for a basketball game:) it was nice having someone run with me( i barely thought of the coyotes and cougars). i've been waiting patiently for stacey's foot to heal, i miss my running partner.  i'm praying for good weather for sunday and to win skinnyrunners giveaway of a bunch of cliff products!

workout turkey day ~ 6.4miles/1:03
workout 18th ~ 2.48miles/21.59