Tuesday, November 30, 2010

75 miles in december....i think i can

it's been so hard to find the time to run this past week.  i wish i could go first thing in the morning and get it done instead of waiting till jay gets home and  cooking dinner, by then i kind of lose my motivation to go freeze my butt off in the dark with the wild animals!
 i am going to challenge myself and try to run 75 miles this month, if i average around 15-20 miles a week i should be able to do it.  alisha, jen, cole and i are going to do the jingle bell 5k in portland this sunday complete with santa hats and bells on our brooks! i hope it's not pouring that would kind of put a damper on my holiday, running dressed up, spirit:)

Monday, November 29, 2010

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

it's a wee bit wet out there:)

workout wednesday~ 4.24miles/40:05 

i really didn't want to run this afternoon, but i did. i was thinking while i was heading down the road, are the first couple miles always gonna suck??? do real runners still feel like they hate running and want to die like i do till about 2 or 2.5miles?? i guess i should just be thankful that it does get better:)

you know you need new running socks when you have to dig through the dirty laundry and this is all you can come up with......
maybe santa will bring me some drymax socks that skinny runner recommends:)

Monday, November 15, 2010

thanks lish for spending your weekend with us:)

workout monday~ ran 6miles/1hr in warrenton

workout saturday~2.16miles/21:40 @ the track with alisha.

this is how dark the track was when we ran at 8:30pm!
alisha and i went to the track for a little run when she got here saturday night, i was soooooo sore from my attempt at some weight training friday at the school gym, i thought a little jog might loosen my poor muscles up.....it didn't really work! three days later my abs still feel like they are bruised. hopefully some day i will heal and be able to try it again.

Friday, November 12, 2010

we're famous......well not really:)

i just got the newsletter from the portland marathon and there is two pictures of us! it must have been the socks:) marathon newsletter

Thursday, November 11, 2010

date night with mr. precor

workout~ eliptcal 4.44miles/50min
precor elliptical
i havent been on this thing for ever, it was kind of nice to work out in the house and stay dry:)
alisha, austin and i are all registered for the 15k shamrock run, anyone else want to go? we had a great time last year, it was an awesome day and a really pretty course. i bought new shoes last weekend and the lady at portland running company told us about the hippie chick marathon.  she said we better hurry and sign up it was almost full, well four days later guess what.... full!!  guess next time i better listen.  we are trying to figure out a different half to do in a few months??? cinco de mayo half, or lincoln city half?? i guess i better figure it out soon before they fill up too.
i try to change up the music that i run to so it doesn't get to old, here is a list of some of whats on my i-pod now......
"hey"- lil jon & 3OH!3(i did say inappropriate right)
"raise your glass"- pink
"caribou lou"- tech N9NE
"the time"- black eyed peas
"hot tottie"- usher
"incredible machine"- sugarland
"better than revenge"- taylor swift
"everybody got their something"- nikka costa
"young forever"- jay-z
"heat of the moment"- asia (i know, kind of random but i like it)
"find the beat again"- sugarland
always looking for some new good running tunes:)

"You have to forget your last marathon before you try another. Your mind can't know what's coming."
- Frank Shorter 

" I run so my goals in life will continue to get bigger instead of my belly."
-Bill Kirb


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

short and sweet....and a little bit scary :{

workout~ ran @ the track 2.02miles/18:43(in the pitch black....alone)
me and missy

i went to the track tonight planning on a 3 miler, i had to test out the new fancy timepiece, when i pulled in jay called and told me chloe choked really bad on a milk jug lid, yikes!  she was fine but i kept thinking about her during the run.  the boys were hanging in the car waiting for open gym and when i saw them leave around 1.75miles  all i could think of was that i was cougar bait. 2 miles would have to be good enough:)

workout monday~ ran in seaside 10k/1hr11min
runner in training
workout sunday~ ran the waterfront in portland with alisha around 3.5miles/time??really slow we stopped to take like 35 pictures until 1 was finally acceptable:)

now i'm a real runner

i just got my garmin forerunner 405 yesterday, it's the size of flava flav's clock around his neck i swear but i'm sure i will get used to it and according to all the reviews it will rock my running world, or something like that:)

no idea what i'm doing....

so i decide to start a blog, mainly so i could keep track of my training and try to hold myself accountable, i did say TRY!  i am not a writer by any means and i'm sure my almost 14 year old son cole could do a way better job. i really don't plan on many people reading this anyways, except you alisha, you better:)  i started running a few years ago and as much as i hated it i became addicted, addicted to the way i felt when i was done! a handful of 5 and 10k's, a couple of half's and the portland marathon later, i think i can call myself a runner.....a slllooooowwww runner, but a runner none the less.