Wednesday, March 30, 2011

almost a week in pictures

so i've been a really crappy blogger and haven't posted in almost a week. 
so here's my week in pictures-

ran 3 miles on tm,
took chloe swimming with grandma, jen , and ciara.
the pool was freezing so we spent an hour in the hot tub.

the sun decided to grace us with it's presence so 
chloe and i went on a 1.5 mile jog to the park.
 i have never used my self timer on my camera, so after i googled where it even is,
 this is what i came up...

 i guess i need a little practice :)
the run and the park must have wiped her out.

5 miles on the elliptical 
took cynthia out to dinner for her birthday.
(and a few drinks!)

supposed to be my long run, 12 miles.
i had a little too much fun on saturday and didn't
think i run 12 miles real well.
i did a whole lot of nothing on sunday:)

ran 12 miles after jay got home from work.
it was a lonely, boring, windy run but i did it:)
1:57:18 9:46pace
and when i walked into the house this little box 
of awesomeness was waiting for me,
timing couldn't have been better!
my free99 cep compression socks from my running idol skinnyrunner!
i slipped, well not really slipped, more liked tugged those puppies on, 
grabbed some frozen veggies and watched me some apprentice.
my legs felt pretty good with the socks on, i even slept with them 
and wore them the whole next day.  that may have been 
a little over kill but today my legs feel great:)

we went back up to portland for coles arm.
yay, no more stinky cast!
he got his pin pulled out no problem and now he's in a brace for 2 more weeks.

i tried to go to the one store that sells runningskirts. 
it was over an hour out of my way but i really wanted to
try them on before i ordered online. no luck, they only had like five and 
none my size. bummer.
so we headed here next...
and i bought this...

Speed 2
the pink of course.
and these...

i'm pretty excited about these bras.
 i have some rubbage spots healing right now from my 
12 miles from a bra i can now throw in the garbage!

pretty exciting week i know!
 to portland on saturday for the 
"race for the roses half marathon" on sunday;)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

really...only one day???

workout ~ ran on tm 3miles/29min

so yesterday there was this bright thing in the sky that we haven't seen in FOREVER!!
and look at that blue sky!
this is the bridge going to WA from OR.
it's like four miles long and every october there is a 10k called the columbia crossing,
it's the only time anyone can walk on the bridge.  usually it's down pouring and blowing 60mph
on race day :)
sounds like fun huh?
this is taken in WA looking at the columbia river, you can see the
bridge if you look hard.
today the sun and the blue sky are replaced with
rain and greyness :(

see ya :)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

another peep hater :)

workout yesterday ~ 1 mile on the tm, i wasn't feeling it so i took to the streets and did 5.6 more.

no one in our family likes the traditional easter candy "peeps"


i got chloe some to try today :)
 she took a little bite of every bunny's appendages 

what are these??
 fluffy, pink sugary yumminess??
she thought she liked them here :)
here clay, you try 'em
when she realized she didn't think they were so great she gave them to her brother, 
but he doesn't like them either.
does anyone eat these besides my friend stacey??

 i found  some socks for the "race for the rose's" half on the 3rd.  i picked the ones on the right.
now i just need to come up with the rest of the outfit. 

this is me getting ready to head out for 8 miles with alisha. i was trying to show my cute new bic headband, but instead i just ended up looking like a big dork with a neck issue;) and this was the best out of about 14 pictures.  how does my son and all his teenager friends take such cute pictures of themselves in the mirror?

Thursday, March 17, 2011

thirteen things thursday

1.   i went tanning for the first time in 7 months yesterday.
2.   it felt so good i went again today, i finally have a little
3.   i won skinnyrunners giveaway, CEP compression socks!!! i NEVER win anything.
4.   i'm gunna do my first 13k virtual run, sometime this weekend.
5.   i'm addicted to my new iphone, any recommendations for must have apps??
6.   my new treadmill is the bomb!  i feel like it's easier to run faster on it than it is outside.
7.   i'm still up in the air about seattle rock and roll marathon, my sister and i are training for it but not  
         registered  yet.
8.  we are officially registered for vegas rock and roll and i'm super excited that it's at night, how cool is   
     running the strip at night going to be!
9.   i've been staying up way to late at night reading everyone's blogs, i need to put down the mac and     
     get my butt in bed.
10.   my sister thinks i'm doing the race for the roses half on april 3rd, i haven't signed up for that yet 
        either.  she's gunna be pissed when she reads this:)
11.   my husband has always been supportive of my running, but all these out of town runs = him             
        staying at home, not working, with some or all of our children. i kind of feel a little bad.
12.   baseball season is here, three boys on three different teams, one of them is in a diff city 30 min 
        away!  let the craziness begin.  gas at 3.85 a gallon sucks!
13.   weird to think that six months months ago i had never read a running blog in my life.  my sisters 
       friend marlie told me about her boyfriends, sisters running blog(skinnyrunner) and so it began:)

Monday, March 14, 2011

surgery and shamrocks

i haven't been a very good blogger lately, it's been a little crazy around here with all our trips to Portland.  three times in six days, it's four hours round trip! 
wednesday was cole's surgery and he did great. 
this is cole and chloe hanging out pre-surgery.
this is him post-surgery.....little drugged up i'd say :)
and this is finally leaving 6.5 hours later. a really long day, especially with a 20 month old in a 5X5 room!

the next order of business is the shamrock 15k
we headed back to portland saturday morning to hang out with friends and family before the run on sunday.  we picked up our packets at the convention center and then headed downtown portland.  we ate yummy lunch at the saturday market,
did a little shopping at lululemon, and found a yummy cupcake shop, cupcake jones
 we had to to a little carb loading, right? 
chocolate dipped strawberry, red velvet, vanilla peral, double chocolate,
 peanut butter &jelly, and a chocolate mint. all were filled and delicious:)

leaving alisha's house, decked out in green and shamrocks:)

alisha even blinged out our bibs, 
i bet no one else had sparkle numbers:)
alisha, me and lori getting ready to start.
we made it!
showing off our bling,
this was lori's first race and she totally rocked it!!
she finished in 1:34 and she had never ran that far.
way to go lori:)

alisha and i finished 9.42miles in 1:34
mile 1~ 9:51
mile 2~10:10
the first 5.5 miles are really hilly, i thought our pace was good for the first few miles. 
around mile 5 we stopped and waited in line for a bathroom, only to find out it was out of order!
so we stopped again at mile 6 for the port-a-potties, i ran/walked till alisha caught back up and then off we flew! i was really proud of our pace for the last 3.5 miles. i didn't think i could go that fast for that long, i'm sure going downhill had nothing to do with it:) 
erick and alisha
the crew
last night
my knees and chins were a little sore, probably from all the hills:)