Thursday, May 26, 2011

30 days till marathon not prepared!!

yep, i'm alive:)
just busy being a wife, mom, and runner....sort of.
thirty days till seattle and i have yet to do a long run! having bronchitis really fouled things up.  at least i'm done with the meds with no horrible tendon side effects like i read about;)
should i do a 20 miler like tuesday, or is that to close??  i think i need to go for it.  i should probably do a couple 18's too!
we are off to Sunriver, OR tomorrow for a little vaca, oh ya and to do the happy girl half marathon.
this is the bling we get along with a hat and shirt:)

last week we had a few days of sunshine and it was SOOOO nice!
it's gone now.

clay had a school field trip to cannon beach that i got to go on with him, so fun.
it was raining when we left the school but stopped when we got to cannon beach, thank goodness.

well, i better get my butt of the couch and pack, we're leaving in the morning and cole has a baseball game tonight, if the rain stays away.
happy thursday.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


i've been m.i.a. for a week or so, super busy with the kids and i've had this stupid chest thing going on for a few weeks now.
  i went to the dr. on monday because i was fed up and wanted to figure out what was up so i could get back into the groove of training.  he took one listen and told me i had bronchitis.  i figured thats what it was, every time i took a breath i had a serious rattle in my chest.  he did a chest x-ray to rule out pneumonia which came back clear:)  
when i picked up my prescription the pharmacist, no knowing anything about me, said "to take it easy, you know, don't go training for any marathons or anything!"  she was totally joking and i was like... i am training and the dr. knows this.  she said to be careful, "Levaquin" is known to cause tendon injuries.  seriously??? 
 i took my first dose last night and now after doing a little research am wondering why the heck he prescribed that for me??  i have a message into his office reminding him i have a marathon in a little over a month and need to keep running.  i guess we'll see what he says.
anyone ever taken levaquin before?  any side effects?
well enough of that.
i did my first senior pictures this weekend.  my oldest son's friends sister, wanted me to take her pic's.
i've never done it before but had fun and i think the ones she picked turned out pretty good:)

happy wednesday:)

Friday, May 13, 2011

new kicks and high arches

wednesdays trip to road runner sports was a success.
i started out by running on the treadmill barefoot while they recorded a video.  we watched it and saw where my foot strike and all that business was.
my sister got in trouble for taking this picture.  apparently the shoe fitting technology at RRS is like all secret squirrel or something!
then i stepped on a pad that scanned my foot, showed my arches and pressure points and center of gravity.  this is where i was told i had very high aches and would benefit from their 80$ custom insoles.

this is how they fit the insoles, chloe was such a big helper:)
the only other person i know that has gone here is my sister and she was told the same thing about her arches, coincidence or not??  do you think they tell everyone they need insoles??  am i a sucker like the rest??   does anyone else have them and think they really help??
these are my old shoes that i replaced...

and these are the new ones...
i had to order the brooks so i don't have them yet.
here are the 80.00$ insoles that i REALLY NEEDED, so they say:)

what do ya think??
how many pairs of shoes do you have in your rotation?? do you switch em up every run, or save a pair just for races??  i go back and forth between the two and race in which ever one i feel is worthy for the day:)

all the running around the store made me super hungry so we headed to pf changs for some lunch.
and a yogurt place for some dessert :)

then off for home to see the fam.
thanks alisha for meeting us and helping:)

yesterday we went for a walk on the waterfront with jen and ciara.
i wore my new shoes and about 45 minutes into our walk i felt a little pain behind my knees! 
maybe this is normal, they said to wear them around the house to break them in, maybe i did to much??
i'll wear them again today, and see if it gets better.
i have 7miles to run tonight i guess i have to use my old shoes still.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

the big city

as soon as i ship the 3 boys off on the bus, chloe and i are heading to portland for the day.  after we pick up my sister, alisha we are going to road runner sports.  i really, really need some new running shoes.  my sister went a month or so ago and did the whole running on the treadmill and scan of her foot and got fitted for her shoes and a custom insole.  she said it was great so that's what the plan is for today.  i do love my brooks and mizunos but i have only ran down the street with someone watching and told i need stability shoes, i want to make sure that's really whats good for me.
yesterday i ran 7.5 around naselle and ended up at the track where jay and chloe came to meet me to walk a bit.  my hubby has lost 33 lbs in the last month!! way to go babe:)
sunday our 16mile run turned into 13:(
we were both coughing and hacking the whole time, and i really just didn't want to run longer than 2 hours!
 it was a beautiful day to run though.
rocking my cep free99 socks from skinnyrunner:)

this must be the before, we are still smiling:)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

happy mom's day:)

"happy mothers day" to all you moms out there.  any fun plans for the day?
alisha and i are meeting at seven to try and knock out an 18 miler,yikes!! 
 chloe was up all night, not sure why and alisha has a bad head cold.  we'll see how far we get i guess. 
today is the first day of the "sunday market" in astoria.
  my mom and i will be hittin' that up with my sister and stacey and then shopping for some hanging baskets.
my super awesome husband is going to cook us all dinner rib, yummy.
here's some pictures from our fun bike ride yesterday.
what a ham:)

we lucked out with no rain for an hour and a half!

erick, cole and clay on the waterfront.

we had to go check out all the sea lions

testing out some rides at the bike shop

ended the day with a little "DQ"
 perfect :)

Friday, May 6, 2011

so stinkin' cute!

"mother's day tea"

"this is wiy i love you so love mom ~ i love you so. i love you cus you are sweet.
i love you cus you are nise.  love clay

my beautiful flowers and a crotch adjustment:)

so stinkin' sweet!!