Saturday, February 26, 2011

damn snow days!!

workout ~ 2.5/?  measly miles at the track right as the snow was starting

long time since my last post.....still no treadmill, although they did finally call and tell me they found it 3 days later! Sears did absolutely nothing when i called to complain.  they told me someone would get back to me in 3-5 days! very helpful:) but now they say it will be here tuesday and because of all the confusion they will deliver it to my house instead of my moms no extra charge. damn straight!

the snow started to fall wednesday and has hardly stopped since. there was no school thursday or friday, yeah for 4 day weekends, but boo for kids that think just sledding isn't enough. my son and his friends instead ott snowboards and five foot tables for ramps and this is what we ended up with.....

broken it two spots. he had it set with no iv meds, i had to close my eyes he was in so much pain!!

this is after the shot of dilaudid;) much better now.
we go in on tuesday to see if it gets a cast or needs surgery:(
he was becoming such a good running partner too, makes me sad.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

are you even kidding me!

 the treadmill arrived at my mom's house today.  the kids and i drove over and met jay to help load it up.  we got it in the truck and right when i noticed a shipping label with someone else's name on it, jay noticed it was a different model as well!  seriously.....after waiting a month and a half they dropped off someone else's treadmill!  i called the delivery people and she called the driver, they came back and picked it up but my treadmill is m.i.a. apparently there were problems with the truck this morning and they think it might have been placed on the wrong one.....well DUH, ya think?? just a little bit peeved about the whole thing, is it obvious??:)
my elusive treadmill, somewhere in the wrong delivery truck or neatly set up in the
 wrong persons house!! (btw the one that they tried to give me was not as nice as the one i ordered...i checked:))

treadmill has left the building

workout sunday ~ 2 short little miles, just to get out of the house and have 18 and a half minutes to myself:)

my treadmill will be here today they tell me, and at 7:45 (on one of the rare occasions that jay got the kids up and ready for school and let me sleep) they called and said they were having problems with the truck!!
Are you f'ing kidding me!! i have been waiting for this thing for almost two! he said he would call back and give me more details but thought it would just be coming later in the day, better be i wanted to tell him. i'm having it shipped to my moms house in oregon so i could save 275.00 in tax. so i have to meet the hubby there to help load it up and bring it home.
i decided this weekend that i really want to do a marathon closer than the Rock \'n\' Roll Las Vegas in dec.
 i just need something to train for and keep me motivated.  so i talked to my sister and convinced her to do theRock \'n\' Roll Seattle in june with me!

we start our 18 week training today and i'm supper excited to be working towards something, my goal for this marathon is finishing in 4:30 or less.
we're also doing the race for the roses half marathon
Race for the Roses
 in april and it falls perfectly in our training schedule.
i'm working on getting my bestie and running partner stacey to get back into the game and sign up with me, the verdict is still out on that though.  i'm not giving up stace!! i need you to run around this town with me and we need cynnie to dust off her pedal bike that she ditched for her motorcycle so she can be our captain and carry our drinks and gu's!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

date night :) bout time!

workout ~ ummmm.... none to report

so today is the first day since snowboarding on wednesday that i can walk, move my arms, and turn my head without pain!  what a workout falling in the foot deep powder is!
leaving the house for the third time, i forgot the boys gift card the first time, then 10 min down the road cole forgot his backpack with his helmet.  

 mt. hood meadows.  the weather was perfect when we first got there.  then it started to snow pretty good for the rest of the day.

lots of thumbs up:)

by the end of the day carson and i were DONE!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

valentine 8k costume contest winners right here

workout sunday ~ ran valentine 8k/ 45:36 minutes finished 4th in my age :)(left my garmin at home plugged in charging...grrrr)

cole,  alisha, and i getting ready. alisha made us all our shirts and we won the costume contest after the race!!

cole decorated our bibs:) i love my spibelt, it carried chap stick, my ipod, and alisha's blackberry without a prob.

 ummm.....what's up with my knees????? yuck!!

jen and kimmo made it just in time to start.  jen is newly prego and after two miscarriages she isn't allowed to run so they walked the 5k.

it wasn't super nice out but it wasn't raining:) 

we ran back and finished with jen and kimmo:)

showing off our prizes.....starbuck's card(i swiped that right up:)) see's candies and some rock hard cinnamon rolls! 
after the run we did a little birthday shopping for my sister, had a yummy lunch at Henery's, and went back to alisha's house for cupcakes.  then we loaded up and headed home to give jay a break, a whole 24 hours with three kids by himself?   i wasn't sure what i was in for, but he did awesome.  he even had dinner waiting when we got home. way to go dad:)

Friday, February 11, 2011

happy friday

workout thursday ~ elliptical 3miles/33mi

happy friday everyone!! no recent running to report here, i've been crazy busy between swimming lessons for the lil miss, basketball games for cole and enjoying the sunshine that we had for a few days;)

i need to get out there for a run tonight and maybe a short one tomorrow. then the valentines 8k in portland.
i FINALLY got an email that my treadmill has shipped!!! i can't believe how long it has taken. i had a few choice words with a sears representative who claimed it was an issue with the treadmill co. not sears.....uhhh huh, whatever. then don't tell me it's going to be here weeks before it is! ok enough complaining, sorry:)
hope everyone has a great friday:)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

got my run on this weekend:)

workout friday ~ ran 3miles/?? (really need to figure out my garmin better)

workout saturday ~ ran with my son cole 5.5miles/53:48

i LOVE that my son will still do things with me, that he's not to cool to be seen with his mom. i had a great time running with him and again, he's all fired up to sign up for some runs:)

workout today ~    ran 7miles/1hour10min lots of hills ( i'm sorry i ran w/o you alisha, please forgive me)

8k valentine run this weekend in portland with friends and family:)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

vegan for a week???

workout  monday~ ran at the track 4miles/37:35 felt great, no ankle pain :)

im watching oprah as i write this and she's got me wondering if i could do it?? go vegan for a week.  the hardest for me would be the milk in my latte and probably the eggs.  we do have our own chickens so maybe eggs would be ok??? and i guess if that's the case what about the elk and deer that my husband and kids kill??  do i want to try it and see how i feel after a week?  anyone out there vegan or have any thoughts about it??