Thursday, April 28, 2011

Headphone recommendations ??

So during my last few runs I've been noticing my headphones are starting to cut out. Last night it was really getting bad and bugging me. I have the ironman yarbuds and I loved them. Apparently they only have a 90 day warranty and I really think for 50 bucks they should last longer! So any advice or recommendations out there??

3 things thursday

is it really thursday already?  this week has flown by for me, maybe because we didn't get back into town from Mt. Hood till monday night.  we had a blast hanging out, eating, hunting for eggs and spending some quality time together as a fam:)

 so on with my three random things:

1.   i only have 58 days till my 2nd marathon seattle rock & roll!
i've neen using runners world smart coach app on my iphone and it seems like a pretty good program...when i actually do it that is!  i've missed my last couple long runs and i realize theses  are probably the most important ones.  i did't train very good for my first marathon and it showed!  i only did one long run and it was only 18 miles.  i swore i was going to train right for this one and now it's time to kick it in gear!!

2.  stacey and i have been doing the 30 day shred every morning.  we are almost two weeks in and i  am feeling like is getting a little bit easier.  we are definitely still "anita's" and will be for a long time!
Jillian Michaels: 30 Day Shred [DVD]

3.  i finally got my first running skirt and i love it!!
sparkle athletic skirt
i ordered one athletic and one running skirt.   i had to send the running skirt back to exchange for another athletic skirt.  the running one was way tighter than the athletic in the same size and i felt like it was a little too short, i have pretty long legs.  i got a pair of cute blue compression socks and i <3 them too!

Friday, April 22, 2011

first virtual race....check

i did the jelly bean virtual run yesterday, i was supposed to do the 10k.  i had a brain fart and thought that was 6.4 miles.  i later realized while reading blogs and saw a picture of a garmin that said 6.2(they also did the jellybean 10k)  i was like duh people a 10k is 6.4, hello??  then i thought well a 5k is 3.1.....that means a 10 k is 6.2!! nice work shannon.  i really wanted to finish in under an hour and i did! i even ran a little extra:)
6.4 miles in 59:27
9:17 pace


thanks runwithjess for putting on this fun run!!

now i really need to go get packing for our trip to Mt. Hood. 
 i hope everyone has a great easter weekend :)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

ten things tuesday

*  first things first, i'm loving this sunny weather.  even if it is only 40 degrees at least i see sun and blue sky.

*  getting ready for our trip to mt. hood this weekend for easter.  my mom rented a big house for us all.  four days of chillaxin with the family and kicking butt in the annual easter egg hunt!

*  chloe went #1 and #2 on the potty twice today!! 

*  we had a fun weekend with hailee, lori and dallen.  lot's of fishing and quad riding.  i squeezed in a 4 mile run too.

cole and hailee

skyler and cole showin' off

cole and hailee

clay caught the biggest fish that has came out of our creek:)

*  cole has his first ever track meet tomorrow, and today was his first baseball practice now that his wrist is healed, and carson won his game last night:)

*  i registered for the happy girls half marathon on may 29th. in Bend OR.

*  i went for a run/walk tonight at the track with stephanie :) and had some much needed grown-up time.
that potty training is hard work!

*  my sister comes to town tomorrow:)  thursday we are doing  the jelly bean virtual race 10k
still working on something easterish to wear but i did bling out our race bibs:)

*  alisha and i have a 16 miler on our schedule for easter sunday.  a little nervous about doing such a long run in an area that we've never been to before.  i guess we have a few days once we get there to figure it out.

*  and last but not least, here is a few pictures i took of chloe a year ago at easter.
 :( i can't believe how fast they grow!

*  ok i lied, i have eleven.
this is a video i took the other day of chloe winking.
i <3 her.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

CEP compression socks

a couple weeks ago i won a giveaway from

a pair of CEP Compression socks!! i barely knew what compression socks even were, this is what i read...
Give yourself an edge with CEP Running Progressive Compression Sports Socks featuring 18-25mmHg compression. All the same great features as the original CEP Running O2 Sports Socks, but with a sleek new design. Used by professional triathletes around the world, CEP running socks are the first scientifically proven compression running socks to maximize power, boost energy, and speed recovery time. 
CEP Running O2 Sportsocks maximize muscle oxygenation and boost energy with CEP's unparalleled scientifically optimized ultimate compression technology for all-day benefits. You’ll run with less effort, increased speed, decreased recovery time, reduced fatigue and optimized performance.

The days of wearing socks “solely” to protect feet from blistering are over. CEP compression sportsocks are the first truly functional compression sport socks with a patented pressure flow technology that provide a scientifically proven increase in blood circulation and a consequent increase in performance. In addition to blister prevention, CEP socks provide more oxygen, more energy, an improved metabolization of lactic acid, and faster recovery so you can return to training quicker than ever.(cep website)
 after measuring my calf and choosing my color, a week later i received these babies...
they came at the perfect time, i just finished a 10 mile run so i opened 'em up and squeezed my feet into them.  they were not the easiest thing to put on, maybe i should have watched this first,
my legs felt pretty good, the socks were definitely tight, but my leg cramps seemed to really lessen with them on. 

 i went to bed with them on (don't know if i was supposed to) and when i woke up my legs felt great.  i wore them again a week later.  i put them on as soon as i finished the "race for the roses" half marathon, my legs were pretty sore and it felt good to have the tightness from the compression on them.  last monday i ran for the first time with them on, i did 13 miles and they felt great.  i was a little nervous because i only run in drymax socks but the CEP compression socks felt fine.
i definitely love my socks, they feel great, help my legs recover faster, and they were free!!

boy this modeling is hard work:)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

once every two week blogger....

i don't know what my deal is with only posting once a week or less, i really have every intention of blogging on a daily basis but i guess when it comes down to it my life is not exciting enough for daily postings.  or maybe i'm not creative enough to come up with something everyday.  i'm gonna work on that:)
sunday the 3rd was the "race for the roses" half marathon
my 3rd official half
all ready the night before.
 i don't know what was going on in my head but i was pretty much having myself a pitty party and bitching about everything i could bitch about.  thanks alisha for putting up with me and trying to encourage me.  she would have gotten a great time if she would have ditched me!
despite all my drama we still PR'd my garmin said 2:11 but i did lose signal for a couple seconds through downtown portland.  official time was
2:13:19 10:10 pace
 631 out of 1250
 the weather was perfect and it was fun to run on some roads we haven't been on before.
i am glad i have no more races in portland for a while, if i never have to run on Naito Parkway again it won't hurt my feelings.

i was so glad it was over.  i must figure out what's going on with my shitty psyching myself out attitude!!
we had lots of fun before and after the race at our hotel.
the older kids played some basketball.

and the little one's and i went swimming.

 chloe is really into cheesing it up for the camera right now:)
 clay earned himself a little time-out.

the rest of the week was spent hanging out in seaside with stacey and the kids for spring break, baseball practice, and carson's first game of the season.
i planned on doing a little running on the prom in seaside but that never happened.
i ran 8 miles on thursday, 3 on the tm and then 5 more while carson was at practice.  this run was good, i ran at 9:19 and felt great. 
saturday we had a baseball game...they lost :(
and sunday we had family come to visit from L.A.
they were only here for a few days so we tried to cram in lots of fun stuff.
some fishing....


 and some sightseeing...

 a little puddle jumping:)

 and some football.

monday alisha and i did our long run.  it was supposed to be 16 miles, we had erick(her boyfriend) drive us out into the country and at about 12.5 miles we ran out of good running roads.  we thought we would just add extra roads towards the end to make up the difference, but again my crappy attitude showed it's ugly face and there was NO way i was running any thing more than point A to point B.  i think i totally psyched myself out because i couldn't believe how far out we were and how far we had to run.  it was beautiful out and i should have kicked ass but i didn't.  why can i put the miles in and not stop when i'm solo but lately running with my sister i fall apart???
speaking of my sister she is finally going to ditch her nike+ sportband and buy a garmin, whoo-hoo!
she's not sure witch one to get, any advice for her?? she really only needs it to do the basics-
 pace, distance, calories. 
 nothing too fancy.
after re-reading my post i'm thinking i should change the blog name to
"pictures in the life of a busy wife~mom~runner" :)

tomorrow i'm going to do a review on my CEP compression socks
i won from skinny runner:)