Sunday, July 24, 2011

warrior dash recap in pictures =)...many pictures

   the before....
handmade warrior costumes made by yours truly.

are we beasts or what!
i can't believe how big my baby glad he likes to do these things with me =)

erick and alisha ready for battle.

that's a lot of dirty shoes, kind of looks like the pile of my boys shoes in the garage!

this was hailee and ericks first race.

lil miss warrior girl =)
the during....
jay yelled my name from the crowd so i had to give him a wave.
cole getting ready to jump the fire!

i swear it was bigger than it looks in pictures =)
we were cracking up the whole time through this, it was impossible to walk with out falling!

what a blast =)

the after....

the feast....

what kind of turkeys have legs this BIG???

Friday, July 15, 2011

gearin' up for warrior dash!!

sunday the 17th at noon!!!

working on our outfits, i'll post pics when i'm done.
any advice????
so far i've heard to tie my shoes really tight, bring a waterproof camera,and have fun =)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

few more marathon pics

gettin' into the big city~

the marathon expo was pretty sweet,
 sooo much stuff to look at and lots of freebies!

we met my good friend sarah and her cutiepatootie son charlie for dinner and some visiting =)

here's a few of the "too expensive to buy pictures" from the might need a magnifying glass to see 'em=) 

it kind of looks like my sister is holding me up in this picture....she probably is =)

Monday, July 11, 2011

ready to go for it again....blogging that is.

i gave up on blogging almost a month ago.  i guess i couldn't find the time with the kids, and the marathon training and everything else that comes up in my days.  then after the marathon was over i didn't really want to blog about it because it pretty much SUCKED.  theses are the reasons...
1.  26.2 miles is just too far =)
2.  i didn't prepare physically or mentally for that many hills.
3.  we really wanted to PR and when we saw that going down the drain i pretty much gave up.
4.  i knew i was letting my sister down and that mad me sad =(
5.  never knew till then how much i despise "out and back's" especially in the last few cruel!!
6.  running only one 18 miler "long run" is definitely NOT enough!
all that said i am ready to train again, the right way and try and finish vegas rock & roll in the 4:30 time limit....yikes!
i forgot to mention my lame seattle time was 5:17 min.
my garmin time was 4:41 which sounds much better but with all the times it lost signal in the tunnels, i don't think it's to legit:(
hanging out before the race people watching.

i guess this is my "what did i get myself into?" face

apparently i was less than impressed with with the porta potty conditions.

the first of many "out and backs"

i guess the sun was in my eyes...i mean eye =)

alisha with her sweet ass medal....the best thing about the whole marathon!!
so happy it was over!!
off to enjoy my day with two out of four of my kids at camps.
gotta go try and find something "warriorish" for the Warrior Dash this sunday!!