Monday, January 31, 2011

student of the month, 4 mile run, hike at the falls, young love, and ice cream = my weekend:)

worhout ~ ran 4 miles/40 min-ish my garmin was was having issues and took forever to locate satellites for some reason

friday morning i went to the school to watch clay get his first "student of the month" award.  it was for honesty, funny cause a few days before this his teacher told me clay said a really bad word at school.  apparently a boy in his class told him to so he said it and then told the teacher. gotta love him and his honesty:)

 sunday i decided to be the best mom in the world and take cole to see his "girlfriend" who lives 2 hours away.  dad kept the two littles and cole, carson and i headed up to olympia bright and early.  i dressed in my running clothes and when we got there lori and i took off on a four mile run.  i have only ran 2 miles so far in january so i was a little nervous about doubling that with my ankle but it went good(except for the major side ache i got on the ginormous hill) after that we hit up the mall and did some shopping, introduced lori to my fav M.A.C. and ate some yummy lunch at olive garden.  then we went to tumwater falls to walk around and take some pics.....

 then, because we didn't eat enough at lunch with all the salad and bread sticks,ya right.....we went to baskin robins and had some delish valentiny cones:) yum, good thing i ran a whoppin 4 miles to burn it all off. haha

we got home around nine, chloe was super happy to see her mama and clay gave me a beauty of a necklace he won out of a machine and told me i HAD to wear it forever:) i love my fam

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

i can run, well a little bit:)

workout sunday~  ran 1 mile/walked 1 mile
 stacey and i went for a little run to see how both of our gimpy feet did.  i bought a brace and ran with it on and it felt pretty good.  i wanted to do more but thought i should take it slow, i didn't want to make it worse.  i came home and iced it and it felt great, yea:)

workout tuesday~  2 miles/18:24
 i went to the track before cole's basketball game and tried to run a little bit faster . i didn't have a whole lot of time so i stopped at 2. i think i will just try and increase by at least a mile every run for a while.
this picture of chloe was from last spring, i can't believe how much she has changed.  the sun was out today for the first time in days, makes me look forward to spring:)

Friday, January 21, 2011

five fav's friday

 1~  my canon 50d,with 50mm lens, love taking pictures of my family:)

2~  watching my oldest, #11 playing basketball.

 3~  drinking my coffee and reading everyone's blogs in the morning after the big kids get on the bus:) my kindergartner is having a hard time going back to school after x-mas break and staying home sick for a week and a half.  a friend asked me if i ever thought of home schooling.....ummm no, i couldn't do it.  i love the time with just chloe and i.

4~  prescription gel the dr. gave me for my ankle. i think it's helping:)

5~  yarbuds..... the best headphones ever! these babies are comfy and they do not fall out.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

and it's not even my birthday!!

i have the best husband in the whole wide world!!  i've been dropping hints about how bad i want a treadmill to train on here at home instead of having to do all my runs outside.  the closest gym is about a half hour away and with four kids, three in sports all year long,  i don't see how i could join a gym.  well he came home today and told me to pick one out and order it:) yipee!!! so this is what i got....nordictrack elite 9500 pro
i'm so excited, it should be here around the 25th. i hope the ankle is ready when it gets here.  anyone ever tape their ankle when they run? i was thinking maybe i would try that running tape when i start back up.

Monday, January 17, 2011

girls night

since i don't have any running to blog about i guess i'll just write about something else:)

tonight my sister, mom and i went to the movies.  i took this picture while driving, by myself to meet them at the theater. ( i recently decided to give up texting while driving and i've been really good about following through with that, looking at this pic now i realize taking pictures of yourself while driving probably isn't any safer than texting.  i will try and refrain from that as well:))
i love driving by myself these days....not having to listen to yo gaba gaba if chloe is in the car, and no lil' wayne if cole is in the car! yuk!  i can listen to what i want, as loud as i want:)
we saw the dilemma, i thought it was cute. 
 then we went to the supper club for happy hour:)

gin and tonics for alisha and i and something fruity for mom:) thanks for a fun girl date guys!

just a sprain:)

so the nurse called me this morning and told me there is no fracture, just a bad sprain.  "stay off it and keep it elevated" she said.  ummm, ya right, like thats possible with four kids:)  it is starting to feel a little better so i'm going to give it a few more days and then try and go for a short jog.
it was the hubby's birthday yesterday,  and we had all the family and friends over for dinner.  i never got out the camera though, lame.  we stuffed ourselves and sat around visiting, good times:) thanks everyone.
it's the first day of no rain in like 17 days straight, maybe we can get outside and do something fun today???

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

and just when i was thinking my blog was soooo lame with no running to report about and all, and then BAM! i was nominated by wanna be a skinnie minnie for the.......

so cool:) thanks.

Here’s how it works…
There are 4 duties to perform to accept this award:
1. Make a post + Link back to the person who awarded you this award.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Award 7 recently discovered great bloggers
4. Contact these bloggers and tell them they’ve won!

seven things about me:

1.  i have been with my husband since i was fifteen.
2.  i am addicted to M.A.C. make-up

3.  i drink an iced latte everyday no matter how cold it is outside, and it usually takes me an hour or longer to drink it.

4.  my two youngest kids have been sick for a week, and i have been since christmas eve, yuk:(

5.  the town we live in is so small- all my kids go to the same school, from preschool to 12th grade, there's one restaurant, one small grocery store, one gas station, no stoplights, and if i wait till after one to go get my coffee i'm screwed (the next closest espresso shop is a half an hour away)

6.   i also have a designer jean addiction 


7.   i can't wait for my foot to get better so i can start running again!! i never thought i would miss running like i do.

~seven people i nominate are~
and last but not least...everyones fav:)

i'm heading to the dr. tomorrow to see whats up with the foot, i hope it's nothing major and i just need to rest it a little bit longer.  dang snow and ice!
hope everyone had a fantastic wednesday!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

need blogging advice

since i have no idea what i'm doing in blog land, i need some words of wisdom from all you out there.  it seems as though there are certain days when u post certain info....?? is there a blogging for dummies i should checking amazon for?   some examples i've seen in my major blog reading lately (since we know i'm not doing any running!) are:
manic monday
running tuesday
three things thursday
should i follow and use these or try and be creative and make something up, it's not like i have major followers but i don't want to sound "blog challenged":)

i still have a kankle:(

i'm still waiking with a limp, so no running to report yet:( i am however looking for some half marathons to sign up for to keep me motivated and training for vegas.  i'm thinking about the happy girls half marathon in bend on may 29th and the see jane run women's half marathon in seattle on july 17th. anyone interested......alisha, you up for either of these??
i think i'm going to try the elliptical  today and see how that feels on the swollen bruised foot. i need to get off my ass and do some type exercise, it's almost been a week! the shamrock run is in just over two months, yikes:/

Monday, January 3, 2011

i didn't make it:(

so i fell short 4.8 miles of my goal of 75 miles in december.  we went to bend for new years weekend and i had 9.8 left. i tried to get them done before we left but the weather and my constant hacking cough stopped me.  so new years eve day i headed to a gym in bend to try and do what i could on a treadmill. i hadn't ran for nine days so i knew i might not get in all 9.8.  it started out good for about 2.5 miles then my horrid cough kicked in and it was all i could to to get to 4 miles. kindof bummed, i decided i would just try again in january, but then new years day while i was out sledding with the kids i slipped and fell and totally messed up my foot!  so no running for me for a while:(
on a happier note i have my first real follower, not a family member that i had to bribe!
so whats everyones new years resolutions??