Thursday, January 26, 2012

best husband ever

jay came home from work the other day and brought me a lil surprise...

a bag of goodies from LULULEMON!!
he must have been feeling pretty guilty because back in december at the Las Vegas Rock & Roll Marathon he was holding my one and only lululemon jacket...

 and he set it down to snap some pre race pictures, like this....

we hit the porta potties a little ways away and when i realized it was missing we hustled back to the fence where he set it and it was gone!!  seriously like not even ten minutes had gone by!!
the nerve of some people, my sister and i kept looking for it in the crowd but no such luck:(
so anyways he had a meeting in portland the other day and picked out these for me
in white.

in bright pink.

in black.
isn't he the best!! it all fits but i think i might exchange the black long sleeve for a pair of capri pants or a skirt.
thanks babe love ya:)

Monday, January 23, 2012


we did it!!!!
our team "victorious" won guaranteed entry to Nike Women's Marathon 2012
hotel reservations are made and we are super excited!!
we did our virtual nike women's half marathon around Naselle and my son's friend Hannah did the whole thing with us!!  She had never ran more than 5 miles and we finished the 13.1 in 2:07. 

way to go girls:)

Friday, January 13, 2012

5 things friday

workouts for the week~ 
monday-elliptical 4 miles
tuesday-ran 4 miles 9:31pace
wednesday-ran 2.5 miles 9:05pace
thursday- ran 4.15 miles 9:20pace

1.  as of wednesday i now have my very own personal chauffeur =)
i can't believe he's old enough to drive!!

2.  tomorrow alisha, hannah and i will do the Nike+ WHM.  it's a virtual run that benefits leukemia and lymphoma.
 this is the first half marathon i will be checking off my list for my
 "run 12 half's in 2012".
 the largest team that completes this run gets to bypass the lottery to get into to the 
Nike Women's Marathon 
in San Francisco in october. we are running for team "victorious" and it looks like it the largest team
 so far!!

3.  loving the awesome weather we've been having in the pacific northwest. 
 i'll take clear and cold over wet any day!
 i've been doing all my runs outside and have been getting in some quality park time too :)

4.  my husband and son got an elk today!!
it's not a bull but meat is meat if you ask me:)

5.  girls dinner tonight, half marathon in my own town tomorrow,
 and laser armpit hair removal on monday(hubby's birthday)! 
what an exciting weekend:)
happy friday everyone!

Monday, January 9, 2012

yeah or neigh??

to blog or not to blog that is the question...

i'm trying to decide if i should start blogging again.  i really enjoyed putting together a post and taking pictures for the blog but it takes so dang long and i don't know if anyone besides my sister even reads it!!
i guess i need to remember that i'm doing it for me, to stay motivated and accountable for my workouts.
since my last post some things that i've accomplished....

~ran a twenty mile run in 3:23 with my sister,bff, and running partner alisha~

~pr'd in the portland half marathon by 15 minutes 1:58!! and i got to cheer on alisha as 
she pr'd in the full marathon!~

~did a 10k turkey trot with my family on thanksgiving morning~

~ran with cely from runningoffthereeses and then had breakfast with her and skinnyrunner along with some other pretty cool guys chris and ben~

~and last but not least, 
finished and pr'd in my third full marathon, Las Vegas Rock & Roll
time was 4:43~

happy monday=)